Where is the Asari ambassador?

Where is the Asari ambassador?

the Citadel
She’s a diplomat on the Citadel, and she needs your help. At this point, head all the way back to the Citadel to find her. If you use the map above, you’ll see that Nassana is on the Citadel Presidium, hanging out where all of the diplomats and statesmen hang out at the northern end of the structure.

What planet is Dahlia on me1?

Dahlia is, in fact, a slaver and the leader of a band of pirates in the Artemis Tau cluster. Her group specializes in slaving, and includes humans, turians, salarians and krogan, operating out of a stronghold on Sharjila. Dahlia, though not an asari commando, is a formidable biotic and a well-trained combatant.

What is the trinket Sha IRA gives you?

The Trinket If you completed Citadel: Xeltan’s Complaint before returning to her, Sha’ira will give you a bonus reward, a small trinket that appears to be of Prothean design. This can be used on Eletania, a planet in the Hercules system of the Attican Beta cluster.

How do you save Corporal Toombs?

If you have at least 10 points in Charm, you can convince Corporal Toombs to lower his weapon and let the Alliance authorities arrest the scientist. If you have 8 or more points in Intimidate, you can shoot the scientist yourself (you can still let Toombs do the shooting, but he kills himself afterward).

Can you romance the consort in Mass Effect?

The short answer is yes, you can romance Consort Sha’ira in Mass Effect 1. However, she isn’t a permanent romance partner you can have for the duration of the game, and doesn’t count toward the Paramour Trophy and Achievement.

What is the consort Mass Effect?

Morality. Mass Effect Wiki. Sha’ira (known to many as the Consort) is a well-known and influential asari who works in the Consort’s Chambers of the Citadel. She has many famous and powerful clients that see her for a variety of reasons; each person’s needs are unique, but Sha’ira always manages to accommodate them.

What happens if you plant the bug mass effect?

You will complete the assignment with 8 Paragon points, XP, and credits (the same amount you would get if you planted the bug).