Where is the KC Ren Fest?

Where is the KC Ren Fest?

Bonner Springs2021 Kansas City Renaissance Festival / LocationBonner Springs is a city in Wyandotte, Leavenworth, and Johnson counties, Kansas, United States. It is part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. As of the 2020 census, the population of the city was 7,837. Bonner Springs was incorporated as a city on November 10, 1898. Wikipedia

Do you have to wear a mask at KC Ren Fest?

Unvaccinated individuals, including children, are encouraged to wear a mask where social distancing is not possible (lines, show seating, etc.). Masks are not required. 2. Some experiences may be modified to reduce physical contact.

Where is the biggest Ren Fest?

Texas Renaissance Festival: The Texas Renaissance Festival is the world’s largest Renaissance Fair. Nearly 400,000 people attend yearly in Plantersville, Texas, on weekends through October and November and on Thanksgiving Day.

Do people dress up for Renaissance Fair?

It’s totally not necessary to dress up at all. Also know that you can if you want to, and that you don’t have to go all out or be period-accurate. The most important thing is to be comfortable and dressed for the weather (which, since our faire runs in July, can be HOT).

Where is the KC Ren Fest 2021?

Bonner Springs2021 Kansas City Renaissance Festival / Location

Can you bring a sword to a Ren Faire?

We recommend you leave unnecessary articles in your car and secure valuables in your trunk. Restricted Items: The following items are not allowed at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire: Firearms, knives, razor blades, weapons or objects of any kind capable of causing harm are strictly forbidden.

What do you wear to a Renaissance fair?

Most men choose to wear full-length breeches or half-length breeches with socks tucked into simple leather boots. For summer Ren Faires, tights would be uncomfortably warm anyway. DON’T dress as a pirate!, Trekkie, mermaid, elf, unless its’ that kind of Renaissance Faire.

Which Ren Faire is the best?

Best Renaissance Festivals in the US

  • Texas Renaissance Festival.
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival.
  • New York Renaissance Faire.
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival.
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire.
  • Northern California Renaissance Faire.
  • Ohio Renaissance Festival.
  • Arizona Renaissance Festival.

Who runs the Texas Renaissance Festival?

George Coulam
George Coulam is the owner and founder of the Texas Renaissance Festival.

What are the dates for the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City?

Sep 4, 2020 – Oct 17, 20212021 Kansas City Renaissance Festival / Dates

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