Where is the Studio at the Opera House?

Where is the Studio at the Opera House?

The Studio stage is located one level below Central Passage. Our staff will assist you to unload equipment and transport it to the theatre.

Which seats are best Sydney Opera House?

Seats 23 to 27 in the front rows (C to F) are generally considered the best in the theatre and offer the most direct look at the theatre possible. If you like watching shows from a reasonable height,the front row of the circle section should be your pick.

How much does it cost to rent the Sydney Opera House?

Hire fees range from $2,900 for half a day to $9,000 for the full venue for a full day. Obviously that doesn’t include catering, which is by Trippas White Group, led by ambassador chef Karen Martini. You can make an inquiry by emailing [email protected].

Can you record the Sydney Opera House?

Can I take pictures or film footage of Sydney Opera House [SOH]? Yes.

Can you get married in an Opera House?

Yes, you can! There are specific venues within the Opera House that are well suited to holding your wedding ceremony, dependent on your guest numbers. Please speak to our functions team for more information.

How many people fit in the Opera House?

5,738Sydney Opera House / Capacity

What’s the best seat in an opera?

Select seats in the middle of the stalls for the best view and sound. Operas typically use the entirety of the stage. For the best view of the stage, select seats that are as close to the center of the theater in the stalls, which are the seats at floor level in the theater.

Is royal circle better than stalls?

Seats in the Royal Circle are better value for money compared with those for a similar price in the Stalls. Side blocks vary in price due to the curve of the balcony, which restricts the view for seats at the ends of rows, depending on the production.

Is Row B too close?

over a year ago. It means you will probably have to lean your head back as you will be pretty close to the screen – not as close as some cinemas but you’re still pretty close! Anywhere from row c/d back would be more preferable! over a year ago.