Where was Natasha Katz born?

Where was Natasha Katz born?

New York, NYNatasha Katz / Place of birth

Which Broadway musical was Howell Binkley working on?

Binkley to be the lighting director on a Broadway musical he was preparing: “Kiss of the Spider Woman.” The show ran for more than two years and earned Mr. Binkley the first of his Tony nominations.

Where did Natasha Katz go to college?

Oberlin CollegeNatasha Katz / Education

Who did the lighting in Hamilton?

Howell Binkley, the Tony Award-winning lighting designer behind “Hamilton,” “Jersey Boys” and “In the Heights,” died Aug. 14 after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 64.

Who is the sound designer for Hamilton?

Nevin Steinberg
Nevin Steinberg, who designed the sound for the Tony Award-winning musical Hamilton, shares his secrets behind the sound.

What type of set is Hamilton?

The set is deceptively simple—essentially a brick structure hung with catwalks and scaffolding. And like the play’s music, the look of Hamilton is now familiar even to those who haven’t seen the show.

What kind of stage was Hamilton?

Hamilton features a rotating stage floor centered in the middle of the set, and it is more than just a clever logistical decision. The design is practical and effective, but it is also highly significant. The same can be said for fellow elements that make up the Broadway musical’s massive set.

Why do some actors wear mics in Hamilton?

Putting the cast in forehead mics aligns with industry standard, but it was sound designer Nevin Steinberg who had the idea to do so for Hamilton. When a mic is placed at someone’s forehead near the hairline or under a wig, it will more clearly pick up the performer’s voice than if it were placed at their cheek.

Why does Hamilton Walk in circles?

In the middle of the set is a rotating circle of wood on the floor, which is surrounded by another rotating ring. These set pieces, referred to as “turntables,” were designed by Korins for several reasons. First, the design allows the actors to stand in place while the functionality of the set moves them around.

How many Schuyler sisters were there in real life?

Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy were three of five sisters who lived to adulthood, along with Cornelia and Catharine Schuyler. Their parents, Catharine Van Rensselaer Schuyler and Philip Schuyler, also had three sons who lived to adulthood: John Bradstreet Schuyler, Philip Jeremiah Schuyler, and Rensselaer Schuyler.

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