Which is situated in upper part of crista terminalis?

Which is situated in upper part of crista terminalis?

The crista terminalis is generally a smooth-surfaced, thick portion of heart muscle in a crescent shape at the opening into the right atrial appendage. On the external aspect of the right atrium, corresponding to the crista terminalis is a groove, the terminal sulcus….

Crista terminalis
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What is Musculi Pectinati?

The pectinate muscles (musculi pectinati) are parallel muscular ridges in the walls of the atria of the heart. Pectinate muscles. Section of the heart showing the ventricular septum.

What is the function of the crista terminalis?

The crista terminalis is a discrete bundle of atrial myocardium that conducts impulses generated by the sinus node to the atrioventricular (AV) junction.

What is Coumadin Ridge?

Coumadin ridge is a term that refers to a part of the left atrium that lies between the left atrial appendage and the left superior pulmonary vein. Since this is a not a common finding, and due to its shape and location, it has the potential of being misdiagnosed as a left atrial myoxma or thrombus.

What is the septomarginal trabecula?

The septomarginal trabecula is a constant element of the anatomy of the human heart, which connects the interventricular septum and the anterior wall of the right ventricle.

What is Columnae Carneae?

The trabeculae carneae (columnae carneae, or meaty ridges) are rounded or irregular muscular columns which project from the inner surface of the right and left ventricle of the heart. These are different from the pectinate muscles, which are present in the atria of the heart.

Where are pectinate muscles?

The pectinate muscles are “teeth of a comb” shaped parallel muscular columns that are present on the inner wall of the right and left atria. The right atrium has thick and coarse pectinate muscles while these are few smooth and thinner in the left atrium.

What is the difference between pectinate muscles and trabeculae carneae?

What three 3 structures comprise the triangle of Koch?

defined by the following structures within the right atrium: (1) The ostium of the coronary sinus, posteriorly; (2) the anterior-septal leaflet commissure; and (3) the tendon of Todaro (a tendinous structure connecting the valve of the inferior vena cava ostium to the central fibrous body), posteriorly.

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