Which kernel version does Ubuntu use?

Which kernel version does Ubuntu use?

GA Kernel with five years security updates: The GA (General Availability) Kernel version is the kernel version included with the first release of a Ubuntu LTS version. For Ubuntu 18.04, for example, this is the Linux Kernel 4.15. Security updates are provided for this kernel version for a period of five years.

Is Ubuntu 15.04 still supported?

As a non-LTS release, 15.04 has a 9-month month support cycle and, as such, the support period is now nearing its end and Ubuntu 15.04 will reach end of life on Thursday, February 4th. At that time, Ubuntu Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for Ubuntu 15.04.

What kernel does Ubuntu 20.04 3 use?

Ubuntu 20.04. 3 brings the latest hardware support via Linux Kernel 5.11. This kernel is provided via Hardware Enablement (HWE) Stack feature of Ubuntu (package – linux-generic-hwe-20.04). Hence, all the Official or Unofficial flavors of Ubuntu should get this update via Linux distribution specific channels.

What kernel is Ubuntu 20.04 2?

2 LTS comes with Kernel 5.4, graphics stack update, and more. Several days ago the release of the second update point of Ubuntu 20.04. 2 was announced LTS, which includes changes related to improved hardware support, Linux kernel and graphics stack updates, installer and bootloader bug fixes.

What is the current Ubuntu version?

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa,” which was released on April 23, 2020.

What is the latest Ubuntu kernel?

Ubuntu 22.04 will be released with kernel version 5.15. This is one of the newest kernel versions available, but has endured enough testing to yield a stable system for Ubuntu 22.04. It comes with some new features to expand on support for new and older technologies alike.

What kernel does Ubuntu 18.04 use?

Ubuntu 18.04. 4 ships with a v5. 3 based Linux kernel updated from the v5. 0 based kernel in 18.04.