Which leaf is used to cure dengue?

Which leaf is used to cure dengue?

Papaya leaf juice uses Papaya leaf juice in conjunction with your allopathic treatment can be effective in treatment of dengue and malaria. 2.

What herbs help dengue?

Herbs to prevent dengue fever

  • Giloy. Giloy, or Guduchi is a popular herb that has long been used in medicines.
  • Neem. Neem leaves have shown to increase both blood platelets and white blood cell platelet count, two of which are the worst side effects of dengue fever.
  • Chirayta.

Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for dengue?

Amrithotharam kashayam,Amritha satva(Sat giloy) are some of the good herbal medicines advised in Dengue fever.

Which fruit is good in dengue?

Papaya. For those who are suffering from dengue, Papaya leaves are the best option to go for. Just crush the papaya leaves and squeeze them to extract the juice. Its extract increases platelets counts to a great extent.

What should we eat to increase platelets in dengue?

Tried and tested foods that can increase platelet count during Dengue

  • 01/10Platelet-boosting foods.
  • 02/10​Papaya leaves.
  • 03/10​Wheatgrass.
  • 04/10​Raisins.
  • 05/10​Vitamin C-rich foods.
  • 06/10Kiwi.
  • 07/10Fenugreek seeds water.
  • 08/10Spinach.

How recover from dengue fast?

Recovering from dengue? Include these 5 foods to your diet for faster recovery

  1. Papaya leaves. If someone has suffered from dengue at home, you must have heard of papaya leaves being advised to them.
  2. Coconut water. Coconut water is a powerhouse of essential minerals and salts.
  3. Fruit juice.
  4. Herbal tea.
  5. Porridge.

Does Tulsi increase platelets?

Tulsi. Tulsi is an effortless herb that helps to fix all kinds of health-related problems. Apart from boosting blood platelet count in a person, this sacred herb also helps in diminishing the stress level and in boosting the immunity of a person.

Is Amla good in dengue?

Foods to eat and avoid Eat citrus fruits like amla, kiwi, oranges and pineapples. Pomegranates and papayas are also advised. You can also have vegetable soups. Eat light and home-cooked food like khichdi and moong dal soup.

Is tomato good for dengue?

There are also foods that should be avoided when infected with dengue fever, such as potatoes, pepper and tomato. These foods specifically can increase the risk of bleeding.

How can I increase my platelets in 2 days?

Several vitamins and minerals can encourage a higher platelet count, including:

  1. Folate-rich foods. Share on Pinterest Black-eyed peas are a folate-rich food.
  2. Vitamin B-12-rich foods.
  3. Vitamin C-rich foods.
  4. Vitamin D-rich foods.
  5. Vitamin K-rich foods.
  6. Iron-rich foods.

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