Which map showing actual size of countries?

Which map showing actual size of countries?

The Mercator Map Projection
The Mercator Map Projection with the true size and shape of the country overlaid. One of the best known and commonly used world maps, the Mercator Projection, depicts Greenland and Africa as being roughly the same size.

Is the true size map accurate?

Although it’s useful for navigational purposes, the map is also misleading because the relative sizes of countries are inaccurately conveyed. Some places, such as Greenland, look huge on this type of chart, but in actuality are much smaller. The opposite is true for places like China.

What is the world’s most accurate map?

View the world in correct proportions with this map.

Is the world map correct in size?

But despite its ubiquity, the Mercator projection does not accurately reflect the true size of countries given the impossibility of representing a 3D object on a 2D surface. In fact, the projection distorts the size of objects as the latitude increases from the equator to the poles, where the scale becomes infinite.

Why is Africa so small on the map?

The world map you are probably familiar with is called the Mercator projection (below), which was developed all the way back in 1569 and greatly distorts the relative areas of land masses. It makes Africa look tiny, and Greenland and Russia appear huge.

Why does Australia look so small on a map?

By shifting Australia north to the equator, it is visible to the naked eye how much smaller it appears on a Mercator Projection. If the United Kingdom were plonked atop Australia, it would stretch from Melbourne to northwestern NSW.

Is USA bigger than Africa?

The total area of Africa is 30.4 million square kilometers (11.7 million square miles). The total area of the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) is 9.6 million square kilometers (3.8 million square miles). Africa is more than three times the size of the US.