Which mining town was a ww2 prisoner of war detention center?

Which mining town was a ww2 prisoner of war detention center?

Zonderwater: the pow’s city. Zonderwater (South Africa), the biggest detention camp built by the Allies during World War II. The camp, built 43 kms from Pretoria, hosted, from April 1941 to January 1947, more than 100,000 Italian soldiers captured by the British on the North and East Africa fronts.

When was the first prison built in South Africa?

The Prison System of the Orange Free State and Transvaal In the OFS, the first prison was introduced in Bloemfontein after 1854. By the year 1873 there were thirteen other institutions. The prison system used in the Cape and Natal was also applied here after the British occupation in 1902.

Were there concentration camps in the Boer War?

During the Second Anglo-Boer War which lasted from 1899–1902, the British operated concentration camps in South Africa: the term “concentration camp” grew in prominence during that period.

Where was PO Box 1142?

A Top Secret Base Known Only as “P.O. Box 1142” The site became known only as “P.O. Box 1142,” the center’s mailing address in Alexandria, Virginia. At its height, P.O. Box 1142 had 87 temporary and permanent structures.

Which is the biggest prison in SA?

Pollsmoor Prison, officially known as Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison, is located in the Cape Town suburb of Tokai in South Africa….Pollsmoor Prison.

An aerial view of Pollsmoor Prison from Table Mountain.
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Security class maximum
Capacity 4,336
Population 7,000+

How many Afrikaners died in concentration camps?

The suffering experienced in the camps left a lasting legacy of bitterness amongst the Boers. Between 18,000 and 28,000 Boers died, 80% of them children. The British did not bother to keep records for native Africans housed in camps, but it is believed that their death toll was similar to that of the Boers.

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