Which of the following is an advantage of coaxial cable compared to UTP?

Which of the following is an advantage of coaxial cable compared to UTP?

The Advantages of Coaxial Cable Over Twisted Pair This superior shielding prevents crosstalk and other disruptions in traffic. In comparisons between coax vs twisted pair, coaxial cables are able to transmit over 80 times the amount of data as a twisted pair cable.

What are the differences between fiber optic cable and twisted pair cable?


Twisted pair cable Fiber optic cable
Twisted pair is made up of a pair of insulated copper wire. Fiber optic made up of very thin optical fibers bundled together into a single cable. The fibers can be made of glass or plastic.

What are three advantages of coaxial cables?

But before you decide whether coax or fiber is best for your application, there are a few benefits of coaxial cable that you should know about.

  1. Coax Supports High Bandwidth Levels.
  2. Coax is Easy to Install.
  3. Coax is Easy to Locate.
  4. Coax Can Provide Power.
  5. Coax is Rugged.

What is the advantage of coaxial?

Greater bandwidth—Compared to twisted-pair, coax provides greater bandwidth systemwide, and it also offers greater bandwidth for each channel. Because it has greater bandwidth per channel, it supports a mixed range of services. Voice, data, and even video and multimedia can benefit from the enhanced capacity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of STP?

Disadvantages of shielded twisted pair cable (STP):

  • It has a higher cost per foot of wire.
  • Shield of STP cables must be grounded properly otherwise it acts as an antenna and picks up unwanted signals.
  • More expensive than UTP.
  • Difficult to and maintain.
  • Much thicker diameter and not as flexible.

What are the advantages of STP?

Benefits or advantages of STP ➨Shielding reduces chance of crosstalk and provide protection from interference. ➨It offers better electrical characteristics than unshielded cables. ➨It can be easily terminated with modular connector.

What is the main advantage of coaxial cable?

What is difference between fiber optic and coaxial cable?

Optical fibre and Coaxial cables, both are different types of guided media cables. Optical fibre is made up of plastic and glass and is used to transmits signals in form of light or optics whereas coaxial cable is made using plastic and copper wires and is used to transmits signals in form of electric signals.

What are the advantages of fiber optic cable?

5 Unique Benefits of Fiber Optic Cable

  1. Fiber Supports Very High Bandwidth Levels.
  2. Fiber is Inherently Secure.
  3. Fiber is Intrinsically Safe.
  4. Fiber Withstands Water and Temperature Fluctuations.
  5. Fiber is Immune to EMI.

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