Which village is better bluebell or konohana?

Which village is better bluebell or konohana?

Bluebell has more shops relating to Animals, and Konohana has more shops relating to growing crops. Also, there are some things you can only have in certain towns. In Bluebell Village, you can have Bee Hives, a Cheese Maker, Yarn Maker, Drink Maker and a Pet Playpen.

How long is Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

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Platform Polled Main +
Emulated 1
Nintendo 3DS 8 120h 07m
Nintendo DS 3

How do you unlock Alisa in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

Alisa is a priestess who spends her time at the church in Bluebell Town. You can unlock her by raising Nathan’s friendship to 2 White Flowers, be in Fall of year 2 or later, and then walking (not running or horseback) to the Mountain Summit between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am on a sunny or snowy day.

How do you expand your farm in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

Starting in your first Summer, once per season the “Renovations” option will be posted on the Bluebell message board. Check the board on the first of the new season to see her construction note. Once you accept the request, go talk to Eileen to select the feature you would like to be added to your farm.

How do you break boulders in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

These rocks will be destroyed by the wild bears as you repair the tunnel between the towns. You do not have to befriend the bears to break the boulders. The bears hibernate during Winter and are not available to destroy the boulders during that season.

How do you unlock the Oracle in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

The Oracle is a strange lady who lives on the Bluebell Mid-Mountain area. Her shrine is on the northern side of the hill and is locked until you reach year 2 in your game. Walk (not run or horseback) from the Bluebell Low-Mountain to Bluebell Mid-Mountain area after 8:00 pm starting in year 2 to unlock her.

Can you marry Reina in story of seasons?

Reina – How To Romance & Marry By talking with Reina and giving her gifts she loves, you will be able to increase your relationship with her. There will be an event for each heart you get. By the 6th event, you will be able to confess to her using a Confession Pendant.

How do you propose in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

There are 6 girls if you are playing as the boy hero and 6 boys if you are playing as a girl. You can not marry someone of your own gender. Marriage cannot be undone once you propose to your spouse; there is no divorce in Harvest Moon games….Jealousy Points.

Candidate Grn Ylw
Ash +1 +2
Cam +2 +3
Dirk +3 +4
Hiro +1 +2

How do you move in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

The option to move towns is available each season from the 23rd to the 30th. If you choose to move towns, talk to the mayor of the town you currently are living in. Rudger or Ina have to be working behind the counter at the Town Hall in order to give you the option to move.

How do you befriend wild animals in tale of two towns?

To befriend a wild animal, you will need to feed it. Throw food at the animal and make it land somewhat close to where the animal is. If the food is something the animal likes, then it will walk towards the food and eat it. If it is something it doesn’t like, then your food offering will be ignored.