Who Abused Little Mo?

Who Abused Little Mo?

With a big heart, she was also one of Walford’s most legendary victims. Unfortunately for trusting Mo, she fell for Trevor Morgan, a wife-beating psychopathic rapist. He physically and mentally abused her, manipulating her so she felt she couldn’t leave.

How old is Little Mo out of EastEnders?

The actress is actually a decade younger than her character, aged 74, while June Brown celebrated her 93rd birthday earlier this week.

How is Jean related to the Slaters?

The character is introduced as the mother of Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) who suffers with bipolar disorder. Her disorder strains her relationship with her children, Stacey and Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky). Wright researched the disorder to prepare for the role.

Who played Little Mo Slater in EastEnders?

Kacey AinsworthLittle Mo Mitchell / Played byKacey Ainsworth is an English actress, best known for portraying the role of Little Mo in the BBC soap opera EastEnders and Cathy Keating in ITV drama Grantchester. Wikipedia

Who raped Mo Slater?

Graham Foster
Late one night shortly before their first wedding anniversary, Little Mo is raped by her crossword buddy, Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney), in The Queen Victoria public house.

Is Alex Ferns in wrath of man?

Wrath of Man (2021) – Alex Ferns as John – IMDb.

Why is Laila in a wheelchair?

Laila Morse was determined to carry out her Strictly the Real Full Monty duties, despite being injured and so took her kit off in a wheelchair. The actress, 76, who played Big Mo Harris in EastEnders, revealed she had sprained her ankle before going on the ITV show – but she wasn’t going to let that stop her.

How is Stacey related to Mo?

Stacey Fowler Charlie Slater was Stacey’s great uncle, and while she isn’t related to Big Mo, she refers to her as nan, having grown up with her and her second cousins Kat, Little Mo and Lynne Slater. Hayley Slater is Stacey’s first cousin, meaning Hayley’s mum Bev is Stacey’s aunt.

Who played Trevor Morgan in EastEnders?

Alex FernsTrevor Morgan / Played by

Why is Little Mo in a wheelchair?

Why did Little Mo leave EastEnders?

In 2006 Ainsworth announced her decision to leave the serial after six years in order to pursue other projects, she spoke about how much she loved playing Little Mo, but knew there was life outside of the serial. In 2010 Ainsworth revealed she would return to EastEnders if asked.

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