Who are the members of INS?

Who are the members of INS?

The presidents of INS include:

  • G. Narasimhan (1956–57)
  • Upendra Acharya, 1958–1959.
  • Sahu Ramesh Chandra Jain.
  • Kundan Vyas.
  • Ashish Bagga.
  • Present: Ravindra Kumar.
  • Hormusji. N. Kama.
  • PV Chandran.

Who has been elected as the new president of the Indian Newspaper Society ins for the year 2021 22?

Mohit Jain
Mohit Jain of The Economic Times was on Friday elected president of The Indian Newspaper Society, an apex body of Publishers of Newspapers, Magazines & Periodicals in the country, for the year 2021-22. He succeeds L Adimoolam of Health & The Antiseptic.

What is a media association?

The term “media organization” means a person or entity engaged in disseminating information to the general public through a newspaper, magazine, other publication, radio, television, cable television, or other medium of mass communication.

Who is the chairman of Indian Newspaper Society?

Somesh SharmaIndian Newspaper Society / President

Who are the members of India?

India is a Member State of the WHO South East Asia Region. Dr Roderico H Ofrin is the WHO Representative to India. The WHO Country Office for India is headquartered in Delhi with country-wide presence.

Who was appointed as the new head of Indian Newspaper Society?

Mohit Jain of The Economic Times has been elected President of The Indian Newspaper Society for the year 2021-22. He succeeds L. Adimoolam of Health & The Antiseptic.

What are the types of media organization?

Types of Media / Media Classification

  • Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines)
  • Broadcast Media (TV, Radio)
  • Outdoor or Out of Home (OOH) Media.
  • Internet.

What are the functions of Indian Newspaper Society?

Functions Of Indian Newspaper Society (INS)

  • Newsprint.
  • Industrial Relations.
  • Press Freedom.
  • Accreditation of Advertising Agencies.
  • Advisory on Advertisements of Defaulting Advertisers.
  • Monitoring of Payments to Publications.
  • Enforcement of Accreditation Rules.
  • Resolution of Disputes between Publications and the Agencies.

How do you become an accredited agency?

INS accreditation certificates must be attached. Accreditation must be full. Provisional accreditation will not be accepted. In case INS accreditation certificate is not readily available a self attested certificate indicating full accreditation by the Indian Newspaper Society must be submitted.

Who is the first chairman of India?

Rajendra Prasad
Official Portrait, 1950
1st President of India
In office 26 January 1950 – 13 May 1962
Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru