Who are the new Kryptonians?

Who are the new Kryptonians?

Notable Inhabitants. Vala – Vala is one of the first Kryptonians to arrive on the new planet. Basqat – Basqat is one of the first Kryptonians to arrive on the new planet. Beh-Osk – Eradicator Beh-Osk is a Kryptonian from the 31st century and lives on New Krypton.

Is there any Kryptonian left?

In Superman: The Animated Series and later Justice League Unlimited, the only survivors of Krypton are Clark and two Phantom Zone criminals (Jax-Ur and Mala, introduced in “Blasts From the Past”, parts 1 and 2).

Who is the female Kryptonian?

In the silver age comics in which she was introduced, she ran a concentration camp for men, and killed 23 in the process. In the movie Superman II, she was known as Ursa, still the companion of General Zod and a man-hater. In Superman: The Animated Series, she was known as Mala….Faora.

Abilities Standard Kryptonian

Who was the third Kryptonian?

The Third Kryptonian is a 2007 storyline by Kurt Busiek, published in Superman (Volume 1). It reimagines the Silver Age Superwoman Kristin Wells as the Kryptonial refugee Karsta Wor-Ul….Creators.

Issue Began Issue Ended
Superman #668 (December, 2007) Superman #670 (January, 2008)

Is Morgan Edge a Kryptonian?

Due to changes made to the multiverse during the events of the crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, Edge became a Kryptonian named Tal-Rho, the son of Lara Lor-Van and Zeta-Rho (portrayed by A.C. Peterson) and the maternal half-brother of Superman.

Are Viltrumites Kryptonians?

Surprisingly, this menacing race actually originated from the peaceful race of Kryptonians. The seeds of those who would become proto-Viltrumites came from a band of Kryptonian explorers that set out to found a colony that is part of the Golden Age of Krypton.

Who is the wife of Zod?

Most commonly, Faora is an ally and sometimes the wife and/or lover of Superman’s Kryptonian nemesis General Zod.

Who is Tal Roh?

Tal-Rho is a Kryptonian survivor, and the half-brother of Superman. Before the destruction of Krypton, he was sent to Earth to conquer the planet and recreate Kryptonian society, disguised as the businessman Morgan Edge.