Who bought Carbisdale Castle?

Who bought Carbisdale Castle?

FCFM Group Ltd
The buyers are FCFM Group Ltd who stated they intended to make it “a world-class private residence”. In April 2021 it was reported that the castle was again for sale, priced at £1.5 million.

Is Carbisdale Castle sold?

Carbisdale Castle near Bonar Bridge was up for sale a year ago at £1.5 million, but a deal to buy the building fell through. It was sold to a London-based investment company six years ago after the asking price was reduced to £900,000.

Is Carbisdale Castle still a youth hostel?

One of Scotland’s most spectacular youth hostels has been bought by a company planning to make it “a world-class private residence”. Carbisdale Castle, which overlooks the Kyle of Sutherland, was shut down three years ago. The Scottish Youth Hostels Association (SYHA) had to close it because of rising repair costs.

Who owns Auchendennan house?

Auchendennan Limited, is a limited company with company number SC451099. The heritable and moveable property at Auchendennan House are the sole assets of the company. The vendor is the sole Director of Auchendennan Ltd and owns 100% of the share capital.

When was the last castle built in Scotland?

This view from Stirling Castle looks across the site of that battle to the National Wallace Monument, the stone tower built in homage to the Scottish war hero. By 1304, Stirling Castle was the last castle still held by the Scots.

Who owns Castle Grant now?

Sergey Fedotov
The current day In 2014, Castle Grant was purchased by ex-CEO of the Russian Author Society, Sergey Fedotov, who paid £1million. He was later arrested for fraud. He still owns the castle to this day after serving six months in prison for a £3.6million property fraud committed while head of the Russian Authors’ Society.

Does anyone live at Dunrobin Castle?

Since 1973, the house and grounds have been open to the public, with private accommodation retained for the use of the Sutherland family.

How many ruined castles are there in Scotland?

It’s thought that there were up to 3,000 castles in Scotland, 1,500 of which still exist today.

Is Castle Grant open to the public?

Former ancestral seat of the Clan Grant chiefs of Strathspey. Please note that this is a Private Property and not open to the public.