Who bought out Coventry Health Care?

Who bought out Coventry Health Care?

Aetna acquires managed health care company Coventry Health Care for $8.7 billion. Clients Aetna Inc. Jones Day acted as antitrust counsel to health insurer Aetna Inc. in its acquisition of Maryland based managed health care organization Coventry Health Care, Inc., for approximately $8.7 billion.

Is Aetna and Coventry the same?

Coventry and Aetna have been the same company since 2013. We’re changing our name and logo, but our relationship with you and our members will stay the same. We value our local relationships, so our plan offerings and contract agreements won’t be impacted by our name and logo change.

What is Aetna Coventry plan?

HMOs. This Aetna Coventry plan allows you to use its in-network services to get your healthcare needs. Within this plan, you pick a primary care physician, who will refer you to specialists you need.

Does Kansas mandate health insurance?

Under the ACA, starting January 1, 2014, consumers and their dependent children were required to have “minimum essential coverage” or pay a penalty unless they fit within an exemption. This requirement is commonly known as the “individual mandate”.

Is Aetna Coventry covered by Medicare?

Aetna is now selling Coventry Medicare plans. While Aetna began integrating Coventry since acquiring it in 2013, this is the first major change announced for 2020.

Is there a penalty for not having health insurance in Kansas?

You won’t face a tax penalty for going without health insurance in 2021—but there are big downsides to being uninsured. Obamacare’s tax penalty went away in 2019.

Is ACA available in Kansas?

Governor Laura Kelly today announced that the enrollment for 2021 health insurance has re-opened. Kansas residents have access to a Special Enrollment Period to sign up for Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance plans between February 15, 2021 and May 15, 2021, in addition to Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Is Coventry health care of Kansas an HSA?

2015 Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc. 76 HDHP Section 5. Savings – HSAs and HRAs HDHP If you have an HRA If you don’t qualify for an HSA when you enroll in this HDHP, or later become ineligible for an HSA, we will establish an HRA for you. If you are enrolled in Medicare, you are ineligible for an HSA and we will establish an HRA for you.

When do I need to notify Coventry health care of Kansas?

Be sure to tell the paramedics, or emergency room personnel that you are a Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Plan member so they can notify us. You or a family member must notify the Plan within 48 hours, or as soon as reasonably possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Plan has been timely notified.

What is the address for Coventry health care of Kansas?

The address for Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc., administrative office is: Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc. 9401 Indian Creek Parkway Overland Park, KS 66210 This brochure is the official statement of benefits.

Does Coventry offer a Medicare Advantage plan?

2015 Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc. 121 Section 9 • Part C (Medicare Advantage). You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan to get your Medicare benefits. We offer a Medicare Advantage plan. Please review the information on coordinating benefits with Medicare Advantage plans on the next page.