Who did the Cave Story Ost?

Who did the Cave Story Ost?

Daisuke Amaya
The soundtrack was composed by Daisuke Amaya for Cave Story.

Who is quote Cave Story?

Quote is a hidden, playable class in Gang Garrison 2, equipped with the Bubbline and Blade. Quote is a playable DLC character in Runner 2, found in the Good Friends Character Pack. He blocks using the Missile Launcher.

What is Cave Story Plus?

Cave Story+ This version contains all the additional modes from the WiiWare version, a remastered soundtrack, as well as the option to toggle the style of graphics between the classic style and that of the WiiWare version and the music of the original game, the WiiWare port, or the 3DS update.

How do you beat ballos in Cave Story?

In order to damage Ballos during this second form, the player must get Quote to shoot him through his eyeballs. Every other part of Ballos’ body is invulnerable to attack. Successful shots with a fully charged Spur will come out the other side of his face, causing him double damage.

How was Cave Story music made?

Cave Story has a variety of interesting music (in org format) that was developed by Pixel through a program called OrgMaker. Pixel included a program called OrganyaView which allows you to play any of the tracks of the game.

What is Balrog from Cave Story?

Balrog (バルログ Barurogu) is an assistant to the Doctor whose job is to destroy soldiers. Cursed by the Demon Crown, he works with Misery to accomplish the Crown Holder’s goals.

Who owns Cave Story?

Studio Pixel
Cave Story features 2D platform mechanics and is reminiscent of the games Amaya played in his youth, such as Metroid and Castlevania (both released in 1986)….

Cave Story
Developer(s) Studio Pixel
Publisher(s) Studio Pixel Nicalis (Wii, DSi, Cave Story+) NIS America (Cave Story 3D)
Designer(s) Daisuke Amaya

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