Who did the music for Gangs of New York?

Who did the music for Gangs of New York?

Howard ShoreGangs of New York / Music composed byHoward Leslie Shore OC is a Canadian composer and conductor noted for his film scores. He has composed the scores for over 80 films, most notably the scores for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies. Wikipedia

Who is the singer in Gangs of New York?

Liner Notes. The Hands that Built America (Theme from Gangs of New York): Written and performed by U2.

Is Gangs of New York historically accurate?

While the film’s events are largely fictional, save for the Draft Riots, much of the script was inspired directly by the extremely entertaining nonfiction book “The Gangs of New York,” published in 1927 by journalist Herbert Asbury.

Who is Priest Vallon based on?

The real life person was actually brought to my attention recently in a comment below. After digging into this historical character a bit more, it could be argued that the character of Priest Vallon that Liam Neeson may have been based on John Joseph Hughes, better known as the archbishop of New York.

Who scored Lord of the Rings?

Composer Howard Shore’s
The soundtrack to the Lord of the Rings film trilogy has been deemed the best of all time, beating John Williams’ 1977 Star Wars score into second place. Composer Howard Shore’s accompaniment won the Classic FM listeners’ accolade for the fifth consecutive year.

Who composed Lord of the Rings music?

Howard ShoreThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring / Music composed by

Was Bill the Butcher a real person?

William Poole (July 24, 1821 – March 8, 1855), also known as Bill the Butcher, was the leader of the Washington Street Gang, which later became known as the Bowery Boys gang. He was a local leader of the Know Nothing political movement in mid-19th-century New York City.

Are the 5 points still in New York?

The area is now occupied by the Civic Center to the west and south, which includes major federal, state, and city facilities. To the east and north, the former Five Points neighborhood is now part of Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Was there a real Bill the Butcher?

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