Who has the highest level on PlayStation?

Who has the highest level on PlayStation?

Who has the most trophies on PS4 2020? The most PlayStation trophies won overall is 106,604, and was achieved by Kenji Ito aka ‘ikemenzi’ (Japan), verified on 27 November 2020….Who has the highest PSN level?

Rank PSN Name Level
1 Roughdawg4 1675
2 ikemenzi (イケメンジ) 1656
3 Hakoom 1623
4 ViensDanser 1612

What is the highest trophy level on ps4?


Rank PSN Name Level
1 ikemenzi (イケメンジ) 1904
2 Roughdawg4 1886
3 ViensDanser 1872
4 Hakoom 1807

Who has the most platinum ps4?

Who has the most Platinum Trophies?

Pos Gamer Platinum Trophies Won
1 ViensDanser 4,914
2 Roughdawg4 4,734
3 tusman 4,392
4 Hakoom 4,341

Who has the most platinums in the world?

gamer Hakam “Hakoom” Karim
Bahraini gamer Hakam “Hakoom” Karim was recently awarded the official Guinness world record for “the most PlayStation platinum trophies won by an individual.” As of September 19, 2018, Karim had 1,691 platinum trophies on his PSN account.

How many platinums does it take to get to 999?

Bronze: levels 1-299. Silver: levels 300 – 599. Gold: levels 600 – 998. Platinum: levels 999.

What is the average trophy level on PS4?

TrueTrophies also concludes that across all of its users, the average Trophy level is 22 with 29 Platinum Trophies to their name.

What is the easiest platinum trophy in ps4?

Brotherhood United is one of the easiest Platinum trophies available on PSN. Unlocking all of the trophies will take players somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes. While it’s not quite a walk in the park in terms of difficulty, it’s certainly not going to trouble too many players either.