Who is Abdul Satar?

Who is Abdul Satar?

Abdul Sattar Edhi NI LPP GPA (Urdu: عبد الستار ایدھی; 28 February 1928 – 8 July 2016) was a Pakistani humanitarian, philanthropist and ascetic who founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network, along with various homeless shelters, animal shelters, rehabilitation centres, and …

What is a Sattar?

Muslim: from a personal name based on Arabic sattar ‘veiler’, As-Sattar ‘the Veiler (of Sin)’ is an attribute of Allah. The name is usually found in the combination? Abd as-Sattar (Abdus-Sattar) ‘servant of the veiler’.

Who is the veiler?

Abdu ‘s-Sattar, Abdus Sattar or Abdul Sattar (Arabic: عبدُالستّار ‘abdu ‘s-sattār) is an Arabic Muslim male given name, built on the Arabic words Abd, al- and Sattar. The name means “servant of the Veiler (of sins)”. Because the letter s is a sun letter, the letter l of the al- is usually assimilated to it.

Who is called the richest poor man of Pakistan?

Some 70 years ago, when Abdul Sattar Edhi laid the foundations of his world-renowned charity, Bilquis Edhi served as a nurse in the establishment. The two tied the knot and continued working for the needy for decades to come.

What did you learn from Abdul Sattar story?

1. Never judge others. Abdul Sattar Edhi was one of the least judgmental people. It was one of his most defining traits that allowed him to serve everyone equally regardless of where they came from.

What is the meaning of Abdul Sattar in Urdu?

Abdul sattar is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Abdul sattar name meanings is Servant of the Protector.

Where does the name Sattar come from?

Meaning and Origin of: Sattar Muslim : from a personal name based on Arabic sattār’veiler’, As-Sattār ‘the Veiler (of Sin)’ is an attribute of Allah. The name is usually found in the combination ‛Abd as-Sattār (Abdus-Sattar) ‘servant of the veiler’.

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Why is Abdul Edhi famous?

The legendary philanthropist set up the world’s biggest volunteer ambulance network and helped save thousands of lives. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist who built a nationwide network of humanitarian centres offering a wide range of life-saving services to the people of Pakistan.

What qualities make Abdul Sattar Edhi a hero?

Edhi was recognized as a true hero due to his devotion towards his passion brimming job. Also known as the “Angel of Mercy,” Abdul Sattar Edhi, exemplified selflessness through his compassion, and pure devotion to the destitute of Karachi, Pakistan.

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