Who is Blue Jasmine based on?

Who is Blue Jasmine based on?

The character of Jasmine French (Cate Blanchett) is based on Ruth Madoff, wife of Wall Street swindler Bernie Madoff. After Madoff’s Ponzi scheme collapsed in 2008, he was sent to prison.

Is Blue Jasmine a true story?

Woody Allen has revealed that Blue Jasmine was sparked by an anecdote his wife told him. The 77-year-old admitted the movie has its basis in a story his wife Soon-Yi recounted. “The fundamental story was an anecdote my wife told me.

Who is Blue Jasmine?

Blue Jasmine is a 2013 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Woody Allen. The film tells the story of a rich Manhattan socialite (Cate Blanchett) who falls on hard times and has to move into her working-class sister’s (Sally Hawkins) apartment in San Francisco.

Is Blue Jasmine A Streetcar Named Desire?

Edelstein: Blue Jasmine Is Woody Allen’s Streetcar Named Desire, With a Madoff Twist. Given that Woody Allen works in a closed creative ecosystem (no musical or theatrical influences after 1960, no cinematic ones after 1970), it’s amazing how skilled he is in making his old ideas seem fresh, lively, even urgent.

What is the point of Blue Jasmine?

It’s a movie about pain and loss—and specifically, it tests the limits of the bearable, particularly among those who have never had to bear much. In a peculiarly negative and inverted way, the movie displays Allen’s own lifeboat in a sea of trouble and shows what happens when someone doesn’t have one of her own.

What does the ending of Blue Jasmine mean?

Towards the end, it’s pretty clear that Jasmine is going through a mental breakdown again. However, this time she might not comeback. First, Dwight left her, then her son Danny rejected her. It’s almost certain that Jasmine might never be a mentally sane person ever again.

Where was Blue Jasmine filmed?

Blue Jasmine was shot in San Francisco, California and Manhattan, New York. Filming locations included Market Street, San Francisco Bay, New Central Café, South Park, Marina District, and Ocean Beach.

What was the point of Blue Jasmine?

What is the story of Blue Jasmine?

After her marriage to a wealthy businessman (Alec Baldwin) collapses, New York socialite Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) flees to San Francisco and the modest apartment of her sister, Ginger (Sally Hawkins). Although she’s in a fragile emotional state and lacks job skills, Jasmine still manages to voice her disapproval of Ginger’s boyfriend, Chili (Bobby Cannavale). Jasmine begrudgingly takes a job in a dentist’s office, while Ginger begins dating a man (Louis C.K.) who’s a step up from Chili.Blue Jasmine / Film synopsis

What is the meaning of the movie Blue Jasmine?