Who is Cleon in Thucydides?

Who is Cleon in Thucydides?

Cleon (/ˈkliːɒn, -ən/; Greek: Κλέων, Ancient Greek: [kléɔːn]; died 422 BC) was an Athenian general during the Peloponnesian War. He was the first prominent representative of the commercial class in Athenian politics, although he was an aristocrat himself.

What was the cause of Pericles death?

PlaguePericles / Cause of death
The cause of the plague of Athens in 430BC, which devastated the city and killed up to one-third of the population, including its leader, Pericles, was typhoid fever, scientists believe.

What factors caused Athens to establish itself as a leading trade center?

The building of a port at nearby Piraeus helped Athens become the leading trade center in the fifth-century b.c. Greek world. A government that enforces recognized limits on those who govern and allows the voice of the people to be heard through free, fair, and relatively frequent elections.

Was Cleon a tyrant?

Cleon (/ˈkliːɒn, -ən/; Greek: Κλέων Kleon, Ancient Greek: [kléɔːn]) was a tyrant of the ancient Greek city-state of Sicyon in the 3rd century BC.

Who is Cleon in Greek mythology?

In Greek mythology, Cleon (/ˈkliːɒn, -ən/; Ancient Greek: Κλέων Kleon) was a fisherman from Syme, a small island between Caria and Rhodes. He came with their king Nireus to fight against Troy.

What is Pericles most known for?

Pericles himself was a master orator. His speeches and elegies (as recorded and possibly interpreted by Thucydides) celebrate the greatness of a democratic Athens at its peak. The most famous among them is his “Funeral Oration,” a speech given after the first year of the Peloponnesian War to commemorate the war dead.

Was Pericles a good leader?

Strong Oratory Skills The oratorical skills of Pericles made him an outstanding leader; he had the courage to articulate, the charisma to lead and the ability to convince and manipulate the population.

Did Pericles fight in the Persian Wars?

Pericles grew up during the time of the Persian Wars. When Pericles was around three years old, Athens faced the first major assault from the Persians, but won a decisive victory at the Battle of Marathon. Ten years later Athens once again faced the Persians.

Why is Athens better than Sparta?

Athens was better than Sparta because, it had a better government, education system, and had more cultural achievements. One element of Athens that made it the better city-state was the government.

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