Who is esther deberdt Reed?

Who is esther deberdt Reed?

Esther de Berdt Reed (October 22, 1746 – September 18, 1780) was active in the American Revolutionary War as a civic leader for soldiers’ relief, who formed and led the Ladies Association of Philadelphia to provide aid for George Washington’s troops during the war.

What did Esther Reed do?

Esther de Berdt Reed was the First Lady of Pennsylvania and the wife of Governor Joseph Reed. In 1780, she founded the Ladies Association of Philadelphia, who led local relief efforts and raised funds for the Continental Army. Her work inspired women in other states, like New Jersey.

Where did Esther de Berdt Reed live?

De Berdt did die shortly before the wedding but left his family with serious financial problems. In order to help Esther’s mother escape public shame, the young couple brought her with them across the Atlantic Ocean and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What did the Ladies Association of Philadelphia do?

As a result, dozens of women responded to Reed’s call, forming the Ladies Association of Philadelphia, a group of upper-class women who led a door-to-door campaign raising money for Washington’s Continental Army.

Did Esther De Berdt Reed have children?

Joseph ReedEsther de Berdt Reed / ChildrenJoseph Reed was a Pennsylvania lawyer and legal writer, who served briefly as the state Attorney General. Wikipedia

How many children did Esther De Berdt Reed have?

six children
While Joseph was on the war front, Reed remained in Philadelphia, caring for their six children and raising support for the Revolutionary Cause.

How did women’s organizations in Philadelphia affect the revolutionary war effort?

Women took charge of businesses and farms, defended their homes and neighborhoods, gathered intelligence for the Patriots, served as maids and cooks for the Continental Army; still others were nurses and soldiers on the battlefields.

Who was the first woman to fight in the Revolutionary War?

Deborah Sampson

Deborah Sampson
Rank Private
Unit Light Infantry Company, 4th Massachusetts Regiment
Battles/wars American Revolutionary War
Spouse(s) Benjamin Gannett

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