Who is in the Australian Paralympic swimming team?

Who is in the Australian Paralympic swimming team?

Leading Australian swimmers, 1960–2020

Athlete Gold Total
Matthew Cowdrey 13 23
Priya Cooper 9 16
Jacqueline Freney 8 11
Ellie Cole 6 17

Who is the most famous Paralympic athlete in Australia?

1) Louise Sauvage, OAM She took up wheelchair racing at 15 and would go on to become one of the Australia’s greatest athletes.

Who is representing Australia in the Paralympics?

Tiffany Thomas Kane achieved selection to her first Australian Paralympic Team and was one of the youngest members competing in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

What happened Col Pearse?

At the age of two, his right foot was amputated from below the ankle following a collision with a ride-on lawnmower. He still has his heel bone intact so he can walk on his stump, though his right side is about 5 cm shorter than his left so he has a pronounced limp.

How many medals has Australia won in swimming Paralympics?

Medals by Summer Sport 1960–2016

Sport Gold Silver
Athletics 157 164
Swimming 136 160
Cycling 41 35
Shooting 15 7

Which Paralympic has won the most medals for Australia?

Competing at every Paralympics since 2008, Cole has picked up six gold medals (all in London and Rio), five silver and six bronze medals. Fellow swimmers Matt Cowdrey (23 medals) and Kingsley Bugarin (19 medals) are the only Australians with more Paralympic medals.

How many Australian athletes are in the Paralympic team?

179 athletes
Australia participated at the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan, from 24 August to 5 September 2021. It sent its largest away team – 179 athletes to a Summer Paralympics.

Who is commentating the swimming at the Paralympics?

Priya Cooper

Personal information
Nationality Australian
Born 2 October 1974 South Perth, Western Australia
Sport Swimming

Where does Col Pearse live?

Hailing from the country town of Echuca in Victoria, Pearse trains under Matt King at Kew Swim Club.