Who is in the basement in Prisoners?

Who is in the basement in Prisoners?

Pursuing other leads, Loki discovers a corpse in the basement of Patrick Dunn, a priest. Dunn admits that he killed the man because the man confessed he was “waging a war against God” and had killed 16 children and said that he would kill more.

Who took the kids in Prisoners?

Holly Jones (Melissa Leo) kidnapped the two little girls. LONG VERSION: Holly and her husband were religious zealots until their young son died of cancer. Then, they became serial child murderers intent to “wage a war with God” by turning the parents of their victims into grief-stricken demons.

Why is the movie Prisoners called Prisoners?

Alex and Bob are both victims and prisoners of the Jones couple. They are additionally trapped inside their mind and are continually trying to seek a way out, a way out of the maze that the Joneses have created for them. Just like the final maze given to them that has no solution, they are unable to do so.

Are the daughters found in prisoners?

Did Alex survive in prisoners? After the police let Alex go, Keller kidnaps Alex. Because Alex is missing, Holly doesn’t leave the girls in the hole to die but brings them into the house to keep her company. That choice allows the girls to eventually survive the ordeal.

What happens at the end of the movie Prisoners?

After its multiple plot twists, Prisoners’ original ending concludes the story with Dover confronting Alex’s “mother,” Holly, who, in turn, shoots him in the leg and forces him into the pit. The movie’s final scene depicts Loki standing about as workers wrap up excavation work on Jones’ property.

What was the point of the maze in Prisoners?

The whole concept of a maze is that people become lost in the convolutions and complications of the structure. Prisoners puts that concept onto how people struggle to work through and escape from their traumas.

Did they find him at the end of prisoners?

There was an original ending where Loki moves the car and finds Keller but the filmmakers changed it on purpose and the studio ultimately left it as is. The ending does show that Loki hears the whistle, but we don’t see him actually find Keller.

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