Who is KCI owned by?

Who is KCI owned by?

US-based conglomerate 3M has completed the acquisition of wound care solutions provider Acelity and its KCI subsidiaries globally for around $6.7bn.

What is the company KCI?

KCI is a 100 percent employee-owned engineering, planning and construction firm serving clients throughout the United States and beyond. Our corporate purpose is to work together to implement great ideas that improve people’s lives.

How do I order a KCI wound VAC?

Now you can request an electronic prescription for V.A.C. ® Therapy in one easy step through KCI Express® (www.KCIExpress.com) or over the phone +1 800-275-4524. Prescribers can sign electronically with access through the web, smart phones or tablets.

Who invented KCI wound VAC?

Louis Argenta, MD, got the idea while lying awake one night in 1990 while thinking about the case of a diabetic patient with bedsores.

How do I contact KCI?

For more information about KCI’s engineering, planning and construction services, please call (800) 572-7496 or email [email protected].

Who owns wound vac?

In October 2019, Acelity and its KCI subsidiaries worldwide were acquired by 3M for $6.7 billion, including assumption of debt and other adjustments….Kinetic Concepts.

Type Subsidiary of 3M
Products Items related to negative pressure wound therapy and wound healing
Revenue $1.6 billion (2010)
Net income $256.1 million (2010)

Is a wound vac a medical device?

Vacuum-assisted closure of a wound is a type of therapy to help wounds heal. It’s also known as wound VAC. During the treatment, a device decreases air pressure on the wound. This can help the wound heal more quickly.

How long should a wound vac stay on?

Length of Wound Vac Treatment For those who are wondering how long a wound vac needs to stay on, most healthcare professionals recommend changing the dressing every 48 to 72 hours or at least three times a week. If the wound is infected, it may require the dressing to be changed more often.