Who is Ramses in the movie Nacho Libre?

Who is Ramses in the movie Nacho Libre?

Cesar Barron
Silver King (real name Cesar Barron), who was a star in his native Mexico and also appeared as the villain Ramses in the 2005 movie Nacho Libre alongside actor Jack Black, was performing at the Roundhouse in Camden when he reportedly fell to the canvas. Some reports suggest he may have suffered a heart attack.

Who plays the Satan’s Cavemen Nacho Libre?

Jack Black’s new film, “Nacho Libre,” stars several real-life Mexican luchadores, or professional wrestlers, including Cesar Gonzalez, known as the Silver King, who plays Nacho’s nemesis, Ramses. Gerson Virgen Lopez, a champion midget wrestler known as Mascarita Sagrada, plays half of a tag team called Satan’s Helpers.

Who is Silver King?

Former WCW wrestler Silver King has died after collapsing during a fight in London. The 51-year-old Mexican, whose real name is César Barrón, was competing at a Lucha Libre wrestling show at the Roundhouse in London on Saturday evening when he died, organizers of the event confirmed.

Who played the wrestler in the gold mask Nacho Libre?

Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez (I) (1968–2019)

Who is the real luchador?

Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez (born May 29, 1945) is a Mexican Catholic priest who supported an orphanage for 23 years as a lucha libre wrestler….

Fray Tormenta
Born May 29, 1945 San Agustín Metzquititlán, Hidalgo
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Fray Tormenta
Billed height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)

What is Nacho Libre’s real name in the movie?

It stars Jack Black as Ignacio, a Catholic friar and lucha libre fan who secretly moonlights as a luchador to earn money for the orphanage where he works by day as a cook, knowing his fellow monks would look down upon his career and expel him if they discover it.

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