Who is Randi grusd?

Who is Randi grusd?

Randi Kesselman Grusd is Jared’s wife. She’s 43 years old and was born on November 3rd, 1977 in Tenafly, New Jersey as per Earn The Necklace. Her parents are Donald and Arlene Kesselman and her father runs a clothing brand called Reunited Clothing.

Is Million Dollar Listing staged?

And for the first time, the series opened the door to offer a peek at which aspects of the series are a little staged. But make no mistake, the show is not staged. In fact, brokers revealed the grueling process they endure to film the series and how the million-dollar deals are very real.

How old is Tracy Tutor?

46 years (August 11, 1975)Tracy Tutor / Age

Are Josh Altman and Fredrik friends?

The Real Deal first published a report from an unidentified source on Flagg’s career move a week before it was announced. Flagg and Altman have been longtime rivals on the show, but have mended their relationship and now star in a spinoff called Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh.

What does Josh flaggs father do?

The father of Josh Flagg, Michael Flagg is an actor and producer. One of his works that he is known for is the “Lady in the Park.”

Are Josh Flagg and james still friends?

“James [Harris], David [Parnes], Tracy [Tutor], Josh [Altman], I’m close friends with all of them,” Josh Flagg told host David Yontef on the podcast ahead of the MDLLA Season 13 premiere. “I used to be friends with all of them, and then not with Fredrik anymore.”

Who is Matt Altman wife?

Matt Altman’s wife is Johanna Sicat Altman, who he shares three children with. She lives in Beverly Hills with her family, and studied economics at university before her current job.

What does Matt Altman’s wife do for a living?

Johanna is currently the president at Icon Escrow & Settlement Services, after graduating from University of Southern California.