Who is Rebecca in home and away?

Who is Rebecca in home and away?

Belinda EmmettHome and Away
Megan ConnollyHome and AwayDanielle CarterHome and AwayJane HallHome and Away
Rebecca Nash/Played by

Who played Donald Fisher daughter in home and away?

She was the daughter of Donald Fisher and his first wife Barbara. Rebecca has been played by an astonishing 4 actresses between 1989 and 1999: Jane Hall in 1989, Danielle Carter in 1994, Belinda Emmett from 1996 to 1999 and Megan Connolly in 1998 when Belinda was unavailable.

What happened to Travis on Home and Away?

When Kelly Watson (Katrina Hobbs) spotted a melanoma on his back, Travis realised that he had been spending too much time in the sun. After undergoing tests, Travis was told that he had to have the tumour surgically removed to stop it from spreading.

What happened to Rebecca in Home and Away?

Belinda Emmett was forced to leave her role of Rebecca on Home and Away in 1999 after the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer. She would not return to the show, but later took a small role in another Seven Network drama, All Saints. Belinda Emmett died 11 November 2006.

Is Don Fisher from Home and Away still alive?

Donald Fisher is a fictional character in the Australian television soap opera Home and Away played by actor Norman Coburn as a regular character, from the soap’s inception in 1988 to 2003….Donald Fisher (Home and Away)

Donald Fisher
Duration 1988–2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
First appearance 17 January 1988
Last appearance 11 September 2007

Who is Marilyn from Home and Away married to?

Lorenzo Smithm. 2003–2005
Nick Lipscombem. 1992–1994
Emily Symons/Spouse

Why did Marilyn leave Home and Away?

Marilyn, played by Emily Symons, has been absent from screens in recent weeks following her involvement in a big storyline. The fan favourite realised that she needed some time out after she’d started behaving out of character, snapping at her loved ones with some harsh comments.

Has Leah Patterson left Home and Away?

Home and Away has aired Leah Patterson’s return following her recent absence from screens. Australian viewers saw Leah leave Summer Bay late last year, as she headed off to visit her son VJ in Cyprus.

Is Donald Fisher still alive?

Is Marilyn from Home and Away married in real life?

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