Who is Saheed Osupa?

Who is Saheed Osupa?

Saheed Osupa, a Nigerian 21st century fuji musician, melds elements of social and cultural practices as a brand of postcolonial civilisation. The paper focuses on the implication of this and the patronage of the urbanised Alaafin of Oyo on the aesthetics of court entertainment in his kingdom.

Which year is osupa first record?

Biography. Saheed Osupa was born in Ibadan, Oyo State but grew up in Lagos State where he completed his early education. In 1983, Saheed Osupa chose music as his profession and went on to release his first record album titled Fuji Fa Disco which earned him fame. He has released over 25 record albums.

What is the first record of Saheed Osupa?

Fuji Fa Disco
Saheed Osupa started music professionally as a teenager in 1983 as a fuji artiste. His first album was titled Fuji Fa Disco, Followed by Fuji Blues. He has released over 40 studio albums including a 4-in-1 studio album titled Mr. Music.

Who is osupa father?

Moshood Ajiwere LayeyeSaheed Osupa / Father

How old is Saheed Osupa now?

52 years (August 7, 1969)Saheed Osupa / Age

Who is the richest between osupa and Pasuma?

The difference between Pasuma’s and Osupa’s net worth is only 5 million Naira, then Pasuma is a bit richer, but people argue that the net worth of the musicians can be much higher. Both Fuji musicians are famous, own multi-million Naira mansions, expensive cars and are very wealthy.

Who is the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria?

Ayinde Wasiu Mashal
Wasiu Ayinde Anifowose Marshall is the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of N800 million. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal is known as the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria; he also ranks as the most rated Fuji Musician in Nigeria.

How old is k1 De Ultimate?

65 years (March 3, 1957)K1 De Ultimate / Age

How old is Saheed Balogun?

55 years (February 5, 1967)Saheed Balogun / Age

How old is K1 De Ultimate?

Who is richest Fuji in Nigeria?

1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal (K1 De Ultimate) – N750 Million. This man is the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria for many reasons. First of all, Wasiu Ayinde Anifowose has been on the stage for many years.

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