Who is the all-time leading scorer for every NBA team?

Who is the all-time leading scorer for every NBA team?

Scoring leaders

Franchise Player Points
Golden State Warriors‡ Stephen Curry^ 20,064
Houston Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon* 26,511
Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller* 25,279
Los Angeles Clippers Randy Smith 12,735

Who is the all-time leader in scoring?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Rank Player PTS
1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 38387
2. LeBron James 37062
3. Karl Malone* 36928
4. Kobe Bryant* 33643

Has an NBA team ever had 5 All Stars?

The Golden State Warriors became the first franchise in 42 years to be able to start five All-Stars (as they had all been the previous year), one in each floor position.

Where is Kobe on the assist list?

Assist leaders

Rank Player Total assists
32 Norm Nixon 6,386
33 Kobe Bryant* 6,306
34 Jerry West* 6,238
35 Scottie Pippen* 6,135

Who has the best stats in NBA history?

LeBron James: 7,491.

  • Michael Jordan: 5,987.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 5,762.
  • Who is statistically the best basketball player ever?

    1. Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is widely known as the game’s greatest player—and for good reason. “MJ” accomplished everything possible in the game, piling up on the stats and awards.

    Who was the first superteam in the NBA?

    Philadelphia 76ers (1983) The Philadelphia 76ers team at the start of the 1980s were one of the first examples of an NBA super team, with Julius Erving, You Cheeks, Moses Malone and Bobby June.

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