Who is the Cobra Commander community?

Who is the Cobra Commander community?

Rob Schrab is the voice of Cobra Commander in Community.

How did community get the rights to GI Joe?

Hasbro, the owner of G.I. Joe (1985), gave permission for the parody. As such, the creators were able to use real GI-JOE names and characters like Destro and Cobra Commander. Even the theme song is the real one from the GI-JOE cartoon (with a few joke lyrics added).

Why was Jeff in the hospital in community?

Jeff leaves to go to his office and realizes why he is unconscious – because he drank the bottle of Scotch whiskey and took anti-aging pills from Koreatown.

Why is Annie called tight ship?

The codename “Tight Ship” is a reference to the idiom “running a tight ship” which alludes to Annie’s management style of the Study group and Save Greendale Committee. It could also be a reference to the character of Annie being “shipped” frequently by fans of “Community” with other characters on the show.

How old is Jeff at the end of community?

Jeff,” it was revealed that Jeff was having trouble with turning 40 years old. He was actually born in 1974, making him 34 when he started college in the fall semester of 2009. By the time the series ended in 2015, Jeff seemed to embrace entering his 40s.

How old is Jeff in the first season of Community?

Jumping ahead to s5e11 there is an episode that focuses on an emotional breakdown Jeff has. In the episode Jeff indicates that the reason for his breakdown was that he turned 40. This would suggest that Jeff was born in 1974 making him 35 in the first season of the show.

Do Jeff and Britta get married?

Jeff and Britta did not get married. Of course they didn’t! These two only wanted to get together in the end for the sake of having something to cling to, and it had nothing to do with being so in love that they wanted to be with each other.

Did Abed and Annie date?

portrayed by Alison Brie and Danny Pudi. Abed and Annie share a mostly platonic friendship marked by occasional forays into role-playing. Abed will at times adopt personalities that Annie is attracted to and the two shared a kiss during the second paintball tournament.

How old was Annie when Jeff kissed her?

At the time, Jeff was 34. Annie was 18 and she had a bit of a school girl crush on him. Which, over time, Jeff became pretty into, something he found kind of gross about himself. But that didn’t stop them from sharing multiple kisses over the years.

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