Who is the dean of UCLA Anderson?

Who is the dean of UCLA Anderson?

Antonio Bernardo
Antonio Bernardo, Dean and John E. Anderson Chair in Management, began his academic career at UCLA Anderson and has been a member of the finance faculty since 1994.

Who is the dean of students at UCLA?

Jasmine Rush. Jasmine Rush is Interim Dean of Students. She has worked in the Office of the Dean of Students at UCLA for eleven years. Prior to coming to UCLA, she worked at Columbia University in New York City, and at the University of Florida in both the Dean of Students Office and in Student Conduct.

How much do UCLA athletic directors make?

UCLA Athletic Director Martin Jarmond Gets 6-Year Contract, Will Average A Yearly Salary Of $1.4… New UCLA athletic director Martin Jarmond is being paid a ton of money to run the Bruins. His annual salary on average is $1.4 million.

Who is UCLA’s athletic director?

director Martin Jarmond
UCLA athletic director Martin Jarmond closes a high-stress year and pushes forward to help the Bruins rebound from COVID-19 pandemic financial losses.

Who is president of UCLA?

Chancellor Gene Block As chief executive officer of UCLA, Chancellor Block oversees all aspects of the university’s three-part mission of education, research and service.

Who is UCLA business school named after?

businessman John Anderson
UCLA’s graduate management school will receive $100 million from the widow of its namesake, businessman John Anderson, officials are announcing Thursday.

How many deans are there?

Research Summary. There are over 9,120 Deans currently employed in the United States. 46.2% of all Deans are women, while 53.8% are men.

Who is the provost of UCLA?

Following her departure in December, Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel Michael S. Levine will serve as interim executive vice chancellor and provost for the remainder of the academic year.