Who kills Vitiate?

Who kills Vitiate?

The Emperor continued to live on, past the collapse of his Empire, but, after surviving for millennia, Vitiate is presumed to have died close to 67 BBY at the hands of a Jedi Knight after being pursued in an effort to end his plans for the galaxy.

Are Valkorion and Vitiate the same?

Behind the scenes “Valkorion” first appeared in “Sacrifice,” a cinematic trailer for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion of the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic In both the trailer and the game, Valkorion is made out to be simply a name adopted by Vitiate, the former Sith Emperor.

What did Vitiate do to Ziost?

Disowned by the Empire he once ruled, Vitiate—now a Force entity without a body—began exerting influence over the population of the planet Ziost. His reach soon extended across the world, allowing him to possess virtually the entire population and set them against each other in a frenzy of death.

Is Emperor Vitiate canon?

Darth Vitiate is known by many names and took many forms, which basically makes him a blank slate for introduction into Star Wars canon.

Was Vitiate more powerful than Palpatine?

Vitiate is not more powerful than Sidious, not a chance. Sidious is faster than Vitiate’s eye. Of course he wins a saber duel, Vitiate could barely hold a saber properly as of the Revan novel.

How did Darth vitiate live so long?

1 Darth Vitiate His mastery of the Dark Side of the Force was what gave him the ability to live so long. He performed a Sith ritual on an entire planet, and it drained the place of all of its life energy. That life energy gave Vitiate his longevity.

How did vitiate immortal?

The Emperor Vitiate was a Sith Lord who successfully gained near immortality by draining the life force of an entire planet, later attempting to drain all life in the galaxy, which would give him true immortality.

Is Vitiate the strongest Sith?

Vitiate was second to none in terms of sheer power, if that had not already been clear. At an extremely young age, he was able to snap his step-father’s neck with just a thought and used the Force to torture his mother for months.