Who makes Cornishware?

Who makes Cornishware?

T.G. Green
Cornishware® – Classic British Kitchenware by T.G. Green. A British design icon, Cornishware has been supporting Britain’s cooks, bakers and tea makers for nearly 100 years.

Is Cornishware still made?

Most of the products sold are now made on our new site in the South West of England where the business now employs 29 very talented and committed people and led by Paul Burston, the Managing Director and owned by Charles and Karina Rickards who take active roles in the business.

Is Cornishware made in China?

The distinctive blue and white stripes of Cornishware china feel so nostalgic yet perfect for homes today, too. The blue and white stripes were originally designed to capture the mood of the Cornish sea and sky and coastline, but were never made in Cornwall. Today, the china is made in Somerset.

How old is Cornishware?

One of the company’s most popular lines was always Cornishware, which was first produced in 1924. It was created using a nifty lathe-turning technique that scraped blue slip away from its beautiful ceramics to reveal white bands of clay beneath.

Where is Karina Rickards from?

Normandy, France
Raised in Normandy, France, Karina’s bohemian upbringing inspired a love for travel, adventure and interiors, proving to be fundamental during the latest era of Cornishware’s story. When her father built a yacht in their garden in 1987, Karina and her family sailed around the world, ending up on a beach in Antigua.

Why did Troika pottery close?

The Troika pottery was based at the Wheal Dream site in St Ives from 1962 to 1970, when it moved to Fragden Place in Newlyn. Benny Sirota left in 1980, and with declining sales, the business closed in 1983.

Is Troika pottery always signed?

Troika pottery marks are handwritten and Troika artists monograms can vary over time. Particularly when female artists married and changed their surnames, as with Honor Curtis/Perkins. In addition several artists had matching initials, as with Stella Benjamin and Sue Baden.

Is Troika pottery still made?

Troika was an art pottery that operated in Cornwall from 1962 to 1983.

Is troika collectable?

Early works from two of the company’s founders Leslie Illsley, and Benny Sirota are especially collectable with prices for rarer items reaching well into four figures. The third member of Troika was sleeping partner Jan Thompson.

Do they still make troika?

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