Who owns alecs Brentwood?

Who owns alecs Brentwood?

Ajay Barak
Owner of Alec’s Restaurant, Ajay Barak, chats about the history of Alec’s, their new champagne lounge and plans for the future… Q: What inspired you to become a photographer?

Who owns Atlas restaurant Group?

CEO Alex Smith
How Atlas Restaurant Group CEO Alex Smith is expanding his hotel restaurant portfolio despite the COVID-19 travel slowdown – Atlas Restaurant Group.

Who owns Smith’s restaurant in ongar?

Alec Smith is the owner of Smith’s in Shelley Ongar, Essex. Smith comes from a fishy family – three generations of them did their time at Billingsgate. His uncle is still the kitchen’s blocksman – the chap who prepares the fish. Smith’s is known for its fish, so less than ten per cent of the menu is meat.

Who owns Ouzo Bay Baltimore?

Atlas Restaurant Group
Founded in 2012 with the opening of Mediterranean Kouzina Ouzo Bay in Baltimore’s Harbor East neighborhood, Atlas Restaurant Group now includes Azumi, The Bygone, Tagliata, The Elk Room, Harbor East Delicatessen & Pizzeria, Italian Disco, The Lollipop, Ouzo Beach, The Choptank, Loch Bar in Baltimore, Houston, TX and …

Who owns Atlas in Baltimore?

Alex Smith
_ _ Atlas Restaurant Group is a Baltimore-based national hospitality group led by founder & president Alex Smith and his brother, co-owner Eric Smith.

When did Smiths Wapping open?

Smith’s of Wapping, which opened in 2011, is similarly old-school yet pleasing.

When did Smiths ongar open?

Smith’s of Ongar established in 1958 provides fresh, sustainable seafood that is famed throughout the South East. With a warm, welcoming fire, exposed brickwork and a cozy upstairs bar along with attentive staff, we have the perfect ingredients for a meal beyond compare.

Does Ouzo Bay have a dress code?

Atlas Restaurant Group promotes a dining atmosphere and the suggested dress is business casual. We kindly ask our guests to abide by these suggestions to create an enjoyable environment for all guests.

What did Atlas name his restaurant?

Atlas was a homeless 18-year-old when him and Lily met. He is now the owner and chef at Bib’s Restaurant.

Can you park outside Smiths Wapping?

Parking is free outside the restaurant on Wapping High Street everyday after 5.30pm and all weekend.

What proof is ouzo?

80 Proof
Ouzo #12 – Greek Anise Liqueur (80 Proof) – Gramercy Wine and Spirits.

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