Who owns Denner in Switzerland?

Who owns Denner in Switzerland?

the Federation of Migros Cooperatives
It is owned by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives since 2007. As of 2014, Denner has 797 stores (491 own stores and 306 running as franchise) and a revenue of 3.2 billion CHF. Denner is the second largest wine-seller in Switzerland.

Is Denner owned by Migros?

Denner is a discount supermarket chain in Switzerland. It is Switzerland’s third largest supermarket chain after Migros and Coop with 11.4% market share. It is owned by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives since 2007.

Who is the owner of Migros?

Globus Group became part of Migros in 1997, but was sold to Signa Holding and Central Group in 2020.

How many Denner stores are in Switzerland?

Denner operates more than 450 branches throughout Switzerland, and also supplies nearly 300 independent “satellite” stores in the country’s rural regions.

What companies does Migros own?

Migros is owned by its more than 2 million cooperative members, organised into ten regional cooperatives. These cooperatives operate the core business of Migros, retailing. Migros also owns 32 industrial companies, various commercial, travel and logistics enterprises, as well as Migros Bank.

How many Migros stores are there?

Migros: The biggest Swiss supermarket chain has over 600 large stores across the country. Migros is a cooperative, and around 2 million Swiss residents are members. Stores sell everything but cigarettes and alcohol.

What is Migros industry?

Migros Industrie is part of the Swiss Migros Group. With more than 20 companies in Switzerland and abroad, Migros Industrie produces over 20,000 high-quality food and non-food products, making it one of the biggest own-brand producers in the world.

Who makes Migros chocolate?

Swiss quality and reliability are the cornerstones of Chocolat Frey AG, which was founded by the Frey brothers more than 130 years ago. Frey has belonged to the Migros Group since 1950.

Which is better Coop or Migros?

Coop has the best insects, ready to cook. Migros the best ones living in salads and bananas.

How many employees does Migros have?

106 000 employees
With sales of CHF 28.7 billion (2019), the Migros Group is Switzerland’s largest retailer, and with over 106 000 employees, it is also Switzerland’s largest private employer.