Who owns ZC Rubber?

Who owns ZC Rubber?

conglomerate GreatStar Group
Chinese conglomerate GreatStar Group is ZC Rubber’s controlling shareholder.

Who owns westlake tyres?

Hangzhou Zhongce
Hangzhou Zhongce manufactures a variety of tyres for cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, tractors, ATVs and other vehicles. Tyre brands produced by the company include Chaoyang, Goodride, Westlake, Arisun and Trazano.

Who makes good ride?

ZC Rubber
Goodride tyres are designed and manufactured by ZC Rubber, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in China. ZC Rubber’s tyre brand portfolio includes Westlake, Goodride, Chaoyang, Trazano, Arisun and Yartu.

Are goodride and Westlake the same?

Westlake Tires are a Chinese tire currently ranked as a Tier-3 supplier part of the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company family of tire brands. Other ZC Rubber tire brands include Chao Yang, Goodride, Trazano, and Yartu. Westlake tires aren’t a premium tire nor do they supply OEM car companies with tires.

What are goodride tyres?

Goodride tyres are the flagship brand produced by the Zhongce Rubber Group, China’s largest tyre manufacturer and also the world’s 10th largest tyre manufacturer in terms of sheer output but most people in the UK haven’t heard of them.

What country makes Westlake tires?

Westlake tires are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, biggest tire manufacturing facility in China that has earned several awards, including recognition from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE).

Are Westlake tires noisy?

In terms of comfort, though, the Westlake RP18 performs just fine. The ride quality is very smooth, even over some large potholes, and there is not much tread noise. Although, some users report the tire becomes noisier as it wears down.

Are goodride Tyres made by Goodyear?

Where are goodride trailer tires made?

All Goodride production facilities feature state-of-the-art tire manufacturing machinery from Germany, Italy, Japan, and America. The company currently maintains friendly exchanges of technical knowledge with top international tire manufacturers.

Are goodride good tires?

Based on feedback and customer reviews, Goodride tyres are amongst the better Chinese brands when it comes to durability and therefore longevity.