Who plays Emily Henderson in Drake and Josh?

Who plays Emily Henderson in Drake and Josh?

Brittany Curran
Born Brittany Elizabeth Curran June 2, 1990 Weymouth, Massachusetts, U.S.
Alma mater University of California, Los Angeles (BS)
Occupation Actress
Years active 2001–present

Who played Vilga on Drake and Josh?

Eliza Swenson
Vilga is a minor character on Drake & Josh….

Friends: Josh Nichols
Nemesis: Emily Henderson Drake Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Eliza Swenson

Who is Vanessa Hudgens in Drake and Josh?

Fans may be shocked to learn that before Vanessa’s High School Musical days, she played a girl named Rebecca in an episode of Drake & Josh. Get this — she even kissed Drake during her appearance!

Is Carly in Drake and Josh?

Carly (Brittany Curran) becomes Drake’s girlfriend in the episode “Who’s Got Game,” in which Josh challenges Drake on who can get the most dates.

What happened in the last episode of Drake and Josh?

September 16, 2007Drake & Josh / Final episode date

What was the last Drake and Josh episode?

Dance ContestDrake & Josh / Final episode
Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp (often shortened to just Really Big Shrimp and also known as The Really Big Shrimp) is the 54th-55th episode of Drake & Josh. It is also the official series finale of the entire show (even though two more episodes and a Christmas movie aired after).

Are Carly and Megan the same person?

Miranda Cosgrove starred on two of the most amazing shows of the 2000s — first she played the trouble-making little sister Megan on Drake & Josh, and later, she played the genius Carly as the producer of her own web show on iCarly. The shows overlapped by a week.