Who plays Tom in Shameless UK?

Who plays Tom in Shameless UK?

Michael Legge (actor)
Michael Legge (born 11 December 1978) is an Irish actor.

How old was Debbie when she was with Tom?

After a while on the estate, Tom entered a controversial relationship with teenager Debbie Gallagher, who was 15 in contrast to Tom’s age of 26 at the time. Debbie was the one who asked him out and the pair began a sexual relationship, that they were forced to keep a secret.

Who plays Debbie’s girlfriend on Shameless?

Julia Nicolo is a recurring character who appears in Season 10.

Why did Veronica and Kev leave Shameless?

Veronica practically begged for Kevin to give her some attention, and when he repeatedly failed to do so, she briefly put an end to their relationship. It was the first real fight Kev and V ever had with each other, and Veronica’s response to it was to just call it quits and take a break from her family.

Who is Tom O Leary?

Tom O’Leary is an actor and producer, known for Fair City (1989), Hell Mountain (1998) and The Other Marty (2010).

Who is Debbie’s baby daddy on Shameless?

Derek Delgado was Debbie’s boyfriend and the father of Franny Gallagher.

How old is Debbie’s boyfriend on Shameless?

At his house, Debbie finds out that he is 20, she panics and tells him that she’s 13. Matt says that he is fine being friends, but Debbie wants to be more. After a number of sexual advances from Debbie, Matt tells her that she needs to be at least 16 for them to have sex.

Who does Debbie get pregnant by?

That same day, Debbie goes home and she is with Derek. He goes to put on a condom before having sex. She says, “It’s okay; I’m on the pill”, and they have sex. In the final episode of the season, Debbie has an altercation with Fiona and she says she is pregnant.

Who is Debbie’s older girlfriend on Shameless?

Claudia Nicolo
Claudia Nicolo is the mother of Julia and the ex-girlfriend of Debbie Gallagher. She is a recurring character in Season 10 of Shameless.

Who plays Debbie’s boyfriend in Shameless season5?

Luca Oriel is an actor, known for Shameless (2011), Shooter (2016) and Devil’s Whisper (2019).

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