Who ran for mayor of Honolulu?

Who ran for mayor of Honolulu?

Rick Blangiardi dominated the general election, defeating Amemiya with 58.2% of all votes….2020 Honolulu mayoral election.

Candidate Rick Blangiardi Keith Amemiya
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Popular vote 224,474 149,375
Percentage 58.2% 38.8%

Who is Kirk Caldwell?

Kirk William Caldwell (born September 4, 1952) an American politician who served as the mayor of Honolulu, Hawaii, from 2013 to 2021. A member of the Democratic Party, Caldwell also held the position of acting mayor in 2010 following the resignation of Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

Who is Honolulu’s new mayor?

Mayor Rick Blackgirdi
Honolulu Mayor Rick Blackgirdi said Wednesday that he might consider implementing a mask mandate after the Covid-19 case count rose for the eighth week in a row. Hawaii recorded a weekly average of 925 cases per day on Wednesday, up from 722 the previous week. The state also reported 12 new deaths in the previous week.

Who was the last mayor of Honolulu?

Kirk Caldwell
Kirk Caldwell announced in a statement Wednesday that he is ending his campaign for governor in the upcoming Democratic primary election. Caldwell served as Honolulu mayor for two terms, leaving office in 2021.

Who is the mayor of Oahu?

Mayor Rick Blangiardi
Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi gives update on issues on Oahu, from violent crime to rail route. Geo resource failed to load. From COVID to short-term vacation rentals and the rise in violent crime, Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi was in studio this morning to discuss the biggest issues facing Oahu.

Who is the mayor of Hawaii Island?

Mayor Mitch Roth
Hawaii Island Mayor Mitch Roth tests positive for COVID, is experiencing mild symptoms. — Hawaii confirmed 1,384 new COVID-19 cases. HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Hawaii Island Mayor Mitch Roth tested positive for COVID over the Christmas weekend, his office announced Monday morning.

Who is Kirk Caldwell’s wife?

Donna TanoueKirk Caldwell / Wife

Where is Kirk Caldwell from?

Waipahu, HIKirk Caldwell / Place of birth

Who is Oahu mayor?

How much does the Mayor of Honolulu get paid?

The last salary increase for the mayor’s position was a 3.5% bump in 2019, bringing the current pay to $186,432. However, the highest-paid position controlled by the commission is the city medical examiner, at $310,200 a year. City Council members are the lowest-paid position at $68,904 a year.

Who was the mayor before kirk Caldwell?

Peter Carlisle

Political offices
Preceded by Peter Carlisle Mayor of Honolulu 2013–2021 Succeeded by Rick Blangiardi