Who represents OPSEU?

Who represents OPSEU?

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union/Syndicat des employés de la fonction publique de l’Ontario (OPSEU/SEFPO) is a trade union representing public sector employees in the province of Ontario, Canada. It claims a membership of approximately 180,000 members.

How do I contact OPSEU?

Contact Us

  1. Terri Szymanski. T: 416.443.8888 ext. 8774. e: [email protected].
  2. Frank Inglis. T: 416.443.8888 ext. 8219. e: [email protected].
  3. Joscelyn Ross. T: 416.443.8888 ext. 8772. e: [email protected].

Who is in OPSEU Union?

OPSEU/SEFPO represents approximately 180,000 members across Ontario. They are full- and part-time workers, young and old. They trace their ancestry to all parts of the globe – as diverse a group as you could imagine.

Is OPSEU a national union?

NUPGE is a federation of 11 unions across the country, including OPSEU, and represents 360,000 Canadian workers.

What does OPSEU mean?

Ontario Public Service Employees Union Constitution
Ontario Public Service Employees Union Constitution 2019 – OPSEU SEFPO.

How old is Smokey Thomas?

Thomas, 69, who has led OPSEU for more than 14 years through massive changes in the public sector, plans to spend more time with his wife, Val, but may pursue other opportunities. “I’m not in any rush,” Thomas said.

Is LCBO a union?

The union representing LCBO employees says it successfully approved a new contract with the province on Wednesday night. The ratification comes a few weeks after a tentative agreement averted a strike before the Canada Day long weekend.

What is OPSEU stand for?

Acronym. Definition. OPSEU. Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union.

What is local OPSEU?

For OPSEU members, locals are the front door into the life of the union. Chartered by the Executive Board, locals have the autonomy and the resources to do whatever they think is important for their members.

What is Smokey Thomas salary?

Thomas says he’d have no problem seeing his salary and that of other union executives on the Sunshine List — and happily volunteered that he makes $125,000 per year plus a $700 per month travel allowance — but he would also like salary disclosure requirements of some kind to apply to private companies that receive …

Who is Opseu president?

Warren ThomasOntario Public Service Employees Union / President

What do LCBO employees make?

LCBO Salaries

Job Title Salary
Customer Service Representative salaries – 203 salaries reported $36,562/yr
Customer Service Representative (CSR) salaries – 76 salaries reported $39,538/yr
Customer Service Representative salaries – 46 salaries reported $35,146/yr