Who ruled Egypt after the Hyksos?

Who ruled Egypt after the Hyksos?

1650 bce). The Theban revolt spread northward under Kamose, and about 1521 Avaris fell to his successor, Ahmose, founder of the 18th dynasty, thereby ending 108 years of Hyksos rule over Egypt.

What kingdom began after the Hyksos?

of the New Kingdom
Rise of the New Kingdom Around 1540 BC, a ten-year-old named Ahmose I became king of Lower Egypt. Ahmose I became a great leader. He defeated the Hyksos and united all of Egypt under one rule. This began the period of the New Kingdom.

How was Egypt affected by the Hyksos?

Preserved in Josephus’s Contra Apionem I, Manetho presented the Hyksos as a barbaric horde, “invaders of an obscure race” who conquered Egypt by force, causing destruction and murdering or enslaving Egyptians. This account continued in Egyptian texts from the Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom.

Who defeated the Hyksos in ancient Egypt?

The boy king Ten years later, Ahmose was ready to take on the Hyksos and avenge the deaths of his father and brother. He marched on Arvaris, defeated the Hyksos and liberated Egypt from foreign occupation. This was a great victory.

What happened to Egypt after it was freed from the rule of the Hyksos?

After ruling northern Egypt for more than 100 years, they were deposed by the returning pharaohs. Per Science, historians have previously speculated that when the pharaohs reclaimed the territory, they exiled the Hyksos rulers to southwest Asia—a move that may have inspired the biblical story of Exodus.

When was the Egyptian New Kingdom?

The New Kingdom, also referred to as the Egyptian Empire, is the period in ancient Egyptian history between the sixteenth century BC and the eleventh century BC, covering the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth dynasties of Egypt.

How did the Egyptian New Kingdom end?

The New Kingdom ended when the priests of Amun grew strong enough to assert their power at Thebes and divide the country between their rule and the pharaoh’s at the city of Per-Ramesses.

When did the Hyksos leave Egypt?

The Hyksos were defeated and expelled from Egypt by the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Ahmose. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, dated to around 1650 BC, tells that Ahmose conquered Tjaru before attacking the Hyksos’ capital in Egypt, Avaris.

What made the Hyksos invasion successful?

The Hyksos gained control of the eastern Delta commercially and then moved north making treaties and forging contracts with various nomarchs (governors) of other regions in Lower Egypt until they had taken a sizeable amount of the land and were able to exert political power.

Why did the Egyptians lose to the Hyksos?

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