Who was Claire Bloom?

Who was Claire Bloom?

Patricia Claire Bloom CBE (born 15 February 1931) is an English actress. She is known for leading roles in plays such as A Streetcar Named Desire, A Doll’s House, and Long Day’s Journey into Night, and has starred in nearly sixty films. She is one of the last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Who is Claire Bloom’s daughter?

Anna SteigerClaire Bloom / Daughter

Within a year, she was pregnant by Steiger, whom she married in 1959. Their daughter, Anna Justine, who was born in February 1960, is an opera singer. Bloom and Steiger remained in America, moving to California, where Steiger pursued a film career.

Who did Claire Bloom marry?

Philip Rothm. 1990–1995
Hillard Elkinsm. 1969–1972Rod Steigerm. 1959–1969
Claire Bloom/Spouse

What age is Claire Bloom?

91 years (February 15, 1931)Claire Bloom / Age

Was Claire Bloom in Law and Order Criminal Intent?

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” Unrequited (TV Episode 2004) – Claire Bloom as Marion Whitney – IMDb.

When was Claire Bloom born?

February 15, 1931 (age 91 years)Claire Bloom / Date of birth
Claire Bloom, original name Claire Blume, (born February 15, 1931, London, England), English dramatic actress noted for her moving portrayals of Shakespearean heroines. She appeared on stage, in television, and in motion pictures.

Who looks like Claire Bloom?

She found him locked in ‘a fervent embrace’ with the American actress Susan Strasberg, seven years her junior, who bore a striking resemblance to Bloom.

How tall is Claire Bloom?

5′ 5″Claire Bloom / Height

Where is Claire Bloom now?

Now living alone with her cat in a flat in Fulham, South-West London, Bloom has astonished her friends by taking the modest cameo role of Dr Who’s mother in David Tennant’s final TV outing as the Time Lord. Bloom’s U.S. manager has confirmed she is filming the role, though the BBC declines to release details.

Does Roth take novel revenge on ex-wife Claire Bloom?

“Roth takes novel revenge on ex-wife Claire Bloom”. The Independent. Retrieved 26 May 2015. ^ “No. 60534”. The London Gazette (Supplement). 15 June 2013. p. 7.

What is Rebecca Bloom’s occupation?

She was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2013 Birthday Honours for services to drama. Bloom was born as Patricia Claire Blume in Finchley, then part of Middlesex (now a suburb of North London ), the daughter of Elizabeth (née Grew) and Edward Max Blume, who worked in sales.

What was the relationship between Lea Burton and lily bloom like?

It was during the rehearsals for the play that Burton and Bloom began a long love affair. The following year, she received acclaim for her portrayal of Ophelia in Hamlet starring Burton, the first of many works by William Shakespeare in which Bloom would appear.

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