Who was Osmans first wife?

Who was Osmans first wife?

Malhun Hatun
Malhun Hatun (also called Mal Hatun; d. November 1326) was the first wife of Osman I, the leader of the Ottoman Turks and the founder of the dynasty that established and ruled the Ottoman Empire….Malhun Hatun.

Born 13th century Anatolia
Died November 1326 Söğüt, Anatolia
Spouse Osman I
Issue Orhan (disputed)

When did malhun hatun died?

November 1326Malhun Hatun / Date of death

Does Osman wife Bala have a child?

Râbi’a Bâlâ Hâtun (Ottoman Turkish: رابعه بالا خاتون; died January 1324 birth name Rabia) was the wife of Ottoman Sultan Osman I….Rabia Bala Hatun.

Râbia Bâlâ Hâtun
Died January 1324 Söğüt, Turkey
Burial Tomb of Sheikh Edebali, Bilecik, Turkey
Spouse Osman I
Issue Alâeddîn Paşa

Did Bala Hatun have a baby?

Despite a rocky start, she and Malhun (Osman’s 2nd Wife) eventually get along, and it is revealed that Bala is pregnant. She soon gives birth to a baby boy named Alaeddin Ali. Her sword is really unique and she has a great love for her horse alaca.

What is the meaning of Hatun?

Noun. hatun (definite accusative hatunu, plural hatunlar) (slang) an attractive young woman. (archaic, dialectal) wife. (archaic) lady, noble woman.

Does Osman have two wives?

Bala Hatun will always remain Osman’s first love and the head Hatun of the tribe. She supported Osman in the decision of his second marriage to Malhun, as being the daughter of the spiritual leader, Edebali, she understood the wisdom behind the sacrifice required of her.

Does Malhun Hatun have a baby?

She is, however, somewhat inexperienced as she attempts to take on Togay and Nikola herself, being first wounded and later captured. She later got married to Osman in a political marriage and gave birth to a son called Orhan.

How many wives did Ertugrul Ghazi have?


Ertuğrul ارطغرل
Died c. 1280 Söğüt, Sultanate of Rum
Burial Tomb of Ertuğrul Gazi, Söğüt, Bilecik Province
Spouse Halime Hatun (disputed)
Issue Osman I Saru Batu Savcı Bey Gündüz Alp

Does Osman fall in love with Malhun Hatun?

Yet the recent episode saw a moment of joy as Osman Bey weds Malhun Hatun. Though there was also an attack on the Kayi tribe on the migration route. However, coming from a princely tribe herself Malhun will play a key role as Osman’s partner in upcoming episodes.

Is Hatun Turkish?

Honorific. In the Ottoman period, the term hatun was used as an honorific for women, roughly equivalent to the English term lady and a variant spelling of khatun. Like most Turkish honorifics, it is used after the first name.

What language is hatun?

Hatun (Persian: خاتون‎ khātūn) is a Persian-Turkish name (Originally from Eastern Iranian language, Sogdian) and used as an honorific for women during the Ottoman period.


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