Who was Robert King Carter?

Who was Robert King Carter?

Robert Carter, also known as Robert “King” Carter, was a land baron, Speaker of the House of Burgesses (1696–1698), treasurer of the colony (1699–1705), and a member of the governor’s Council (1700–1732). As senior member of the council, he served as president, or acting governor, from 1726 until 1727.

Where is Robert Carter from?

Corotoman Plantation

Robert Carter I
Born 4 August 1663 Corotoman Plantation, Lancaster County, Virginia, British America
Died 4 August 1732 Lancaster County, Virginia, British America
Spouse(s) Judith Armistead Betty Landon
Children 15, including Landon Carter, Charles Carter (of Cleve)

How many slaves did Robert King Carter own?

(a) Robert Carter III owned more than 450 enslaved persons at (b) his home at Nomini Hall. He freed them all by 1797. Carter was well known among his fellow Virginians for his integrity. He owned an estimated 65,000 acres of property by the time of the American Revolution, and more than 450 enslaved persons.

Where is Robert King Carter buried?

Robert “King” Carter

Birth 1663 Virginia, USA
Death 4 Aug 1732 (aged 68–69) Virginia, USA
Burial Christ Church Cemetery Weems, Lancaster County, Virginia, USA Show Map
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How many slaves did Robert Carter free?

But 200 years ago on the first of August, Robert Carter did something that stunned the plantation society he seemed to typify: He freed his 500 slaves.

Where did Robert Carter III live?

Carter returned to Virginia in 1751 where he was admitted to the bar. He took up residence at Nomony Hall. This was his preferred spelling for his inherited plantation on the Northern Neck. Nominy or Nomini are more commonly used today, as in the highway marker noting the plantation site.

What did Robert Carter do?

Robert Carter, also known as Robert Carter III and Councillor Carter, was a member of Virginia’s Council of State (1758–1776) who, after a religious conversion, emancipated more than five hundred of his enslaved African Americans.

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How many slaves did Carter III free?

Robert Carter III’s Deed of Gift was a legal document, signed on August 1, 1791, and presented in Northumberland District Court on September 5, that set out provisions to free 452 enslaved men and woman.

When did Robert Carter free his slaves?

August 1, 1791
On August 1, 1791, he took the legal steps to gradually manumit, or free, more than 500 of his slaves, the largest individual emancipation before 1860. After the death of his wife, Carter moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where he died in 1804.

Are any of the Carter family alive?

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Is Bob Carter still alive?

May 16, 2017Robert Gene Carter / Date of death