Who was the conductor for Yanni Live at the Acropolis?

Who was the conductor for Yanni Live at the Acropolis?

Shahrdad Rohani
He performs with his six-piece band and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Shahrdad Rohani. The album was mixed and produced by Yanni in his studio, and was made into a television special which aired in the United States on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

What instrument did Yanni play?

the piano
Yanni was born to compose music. He began to play the piano at age six, but he refused formal piano lessons. As a child, Yanni heard music in his head and he simply wanted to hear it come out of the piano too, so he needed to learn how to play to make that happen.

Who plays the violin for Yanni?

Samvel Yervinyan From Armenia, Samvel has been widely recognized as one of the worlds premier violinists and has been a star performer among Yanni’s orchestra for the past decade.

What year did Yanni perform at the Acropolis?

All this hair has been kept the same dark, dark brown it was 25 years ago, on Sept. 25, 1993, when Yanni gambled his savings to organize a concert of his music at the Acropolis in Athens, backed by a full orchestra and, crucially, filmed live.

Who is considered one of today’s modern chameleon composers?

Ennio Morricone, a chameleon of modern music.

How many vocalists has Yanni performed with?

However, Yanni performed with four vocalists in the forefront in Yanni Voices (2008–2009), and performed with vocalists on tours and in the Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico concerts (December 2011) and CD/DVD (2012).

Why choose Yanni’s Orchestra?

Yanni has hand picked each member of his orchestra and has been in search for the world’s top performers to bring you what you see today. He refers to them as the “United Nations” as they come from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences from all over the world.

When did Yanni start playing the piano?

In 1972, with the encouragement of his parents, Yanni left his homeland to attend the University of Minnesota. Between his studies, he played in local rock and roll bands and began to develop his personal musical style using both piano and electronic keyboards to create new sounds.

Is Yanni’s truth of touch orchestral?

The title track from the Truth of Touch album is more orchestral than his earliest work, but Yanni said that even this 2011 album was started by experimenting with new sound designs.