Who was the first British leader in Nigeria?

Who was the first British leader in Nigeria?

Colonial Nigeria

Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria (1914–1954) Federation of Nigeria (1954–1960)
British monarch
• 1914–1936 George V
• 1936 Edward VIII
• 1936–1952 George VI

How did the British came to Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It was colonized by the British in 1884 and the colony is established at the Berlin conference which divides Africa by European powers. The British targeted Nigeria because of its resources.

When did the British influence begin in Nigeria?

The modern history of Nigeria – as a political state encompassing 250 to 400 ethnic groups of widely varied cultures and modes of political organization – dates from the completion of the British conquest in 1903 and the amalgamation of northern and southern Nigeria into the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria in 1914.

Who was the last British Governor-General in Nigeria?

Sir James Wilson Robertson
Sir James Wilson Robertson, KT, GCMG, GCVO, KBE, KStJ was a British civil servant who served as the last colonial governor-general of Nigeria from 1955 to 1960.

Who discovered Nigeria?

Nigeria is discovered during 19 century to be precise in the year 1914 after the amalgamation of Northern and southern to form Nigeria.It was named and discovered by a British journalist Flora Shaw who later got married to Lord Fredrick Lugard a British administrator(the Governor General of both the Northern and …

Who was the British officer that succeeded Lugard as Governor General?

Sir Hugh Clifford
Frederick Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard

The Right Honourable The Lord Lugard GCMG CB DSO PC
Succeeded by Sir Hugh Clifford (as Governor)
Governor of the Northern Nigeria Protectorate
In office September 1912 – 1 January 1914
Preceded by Sir Charles Lindsay

Who was the first governor-general of Nigeria after independence?

Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first and only indigenous Governor–General of Nigeria (1960–1963), and the first President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1963–1966), died on 11 May 1996.