Who was the mole in Season 5?

Who was the mole in Season 5?

The Mole (American season 5)

The Mole
Winner Mark Lambrecht
Runner-up Nicole Williams
Location Chile Argentina
The Mole Craig Slike

Who is the original host of The Mole?

reporter Anderson Cooper
The series was first hosted by news reporter Anderson Cooper; for the third season, Ahmad Rashād replaced Cooper, and Rashād was in turn replaced by Jon Kelley for the fifth season. The third and fourth seasons featured celebrity contestants instead of average citizens.

Is the mole on Netflix?

Watch The Mole | Netflix.

How many seasons were there in the mole?

5The Mole / Number of seasons

Where can I watch the 5 seasons of The Mole?

Right now you can watch The Mole on Netflix.

Where can I watch season 5 of The Mole?

Top 5 providers

  • Netflix.
  • Apple iTunes.

Did Kathryn Price get paid to be The Mole?

Instead, she was actually paid to be conniving, deceitful and duplicitous. As the recently revealed title character on ABC’s reality game show, “The Mole,” Price was paid by producers to infiltrate the contestant pool and thwart the chances of the players to win a $1 million prize.

Did they really burn the bags in The Mole?

Mortiz, Anderson Cooper reveals that their bags were not burned after all, and it was all a big laugh.

Was Kathy Griffin The Mole?

The final episode revealed Kathy as the winner and Frederique as the Mole. To reveal the results, the players were put behind three locked doors and placed their hand on a scanner. The first player to come out was the winner and the second was the Mole.

Did The Mole get paid?

Winner Dorothy Hui did not receive her cash prize until after the final episode aired in August 2002. The Mole Bill McDaniel received a separate flat compensation for his role. The show followed nearly the same format as the first season.

How can I watch all the seasons of The Mole?

The first two seasons of The Mole are streaming on Netflix. Seasons one and three are available on DVD. For more recommendations from the world of culture, check out the One Good Thing archives. Millions turn to Vox to understand what’s happening in the news.

How many seasons of The Mole did Anderson Cooper host?

The cast section lists only Anderson Cooper, and he hosted only seasons one and two. After that, the show became Celebrity Mole, when it was hosted by Ahmad Rashad, and then it switched hosts again when it was revived.