Who were the surprise Royal Rumble entrants?

Who were the surprise Royal Rumble entrants?

2022 WWE Royal Rumble: A look back at the five best surprise entrants of all time

  1. AJ Styles — 2016 Royal Rumble.
  2. Edge — 2020 Royal Rumble.
  3. John Cena — 2008 Royal Rumble.
  4. Chris Jericho — 2013 Royal Rumble.
  5. Christian — 2021 Royal Rumble. The parallels between Edge and Christian Cage’s career run deep.

Who were the surprise entrants in the 2022 Royal Rumble?

WWE Royal Rumble 2022: Every Surprise Entrant Ranked From Worst To Best

  1. 1 Ronda Rousey. via WWE.
  2. 2 Drew McIntyre. Bringing Drew McIntyre back was a big surprise for the men’s Royal Rumble as he was not expected to return this soon.
  3. 3 Brock Lesnar.
  4. 4 Bad Bunny.
  5. 5 Ivory.
  6. 6 Cameron.
  7. 7 Alicia Fox.
  8. 8 Mighty Molly.

Who all returned at the Royal Rumble 2022?

Rousey returned after almost three years away from WWE, entering the women’s Rumble at No. 28, and eliminated SmackDown women’s champion Charlotte Flair to win it all. Lesnar, who lost the WWE championship to Bobby Lashley earlier in the evening due to a Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman double-cross, came back at No.

Was the 2005 Royal Rumble a botch?

“That takes talent” – Vince McMahon addresses famous Royal Rumble botch. Vince McMahon famously blew both of his quads at the 2005 Royal Rumble. The injury occurred when he strutted down to the ring to address Batista and John Cena at the end of the marquee battle royal.

Who won the 30 man Royal Rumble 2022?

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar ensured his place in the main event at WrestleMania 38 with victory in the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble match Saturday night. The Beast Incarnate entered from the No. 30 position and cleared many of the remaining entrants in the contest before last eliminating Drew McIntyre to claim the victory.

Who was special guest in Royal Rumble 2022?

Notably, Jackass actor/stuntman Johnny Knoxville and reggaeton singer Bad Bunny appeared in the men’s Royal Rumble and reigning Impact Knockouts World Champion Mickie James appeared in the women’s.

Was edges return a surprise?

Edge returned to WWE earlier this year when he won the Royal Rumble match, and he later went on to challenge for the Universal Title when he faced Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 37.

Is Ronda Rousey back in WWE 2022?

The Baddest Woman on the Planet is back — and she is your 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble winner. Ronda Rousey made her WWE return at Saturday night’s 2022 Royal Rumble, entering the 30-woman Rumble at No.

Was Cena Batista Royal Rumble botch?

11-time champion Edge had just been eliminated before Batista and Cena’s botch and watched as McMahon came racing down to the ring. He told Inside The Ropes: “I’m still walking to the back, and I just see that pompadour come power walking. “Vince has a power-walk anyway but this thing was a next-level power walk.

Did Vince McMahon tore his quad?

While climbing the ring, Vince overstretched and tore both his quads. He could not stand inside the ring. It was sudden and many fans have said it was funny too.